Women's Turtlenecks

Women's Turtleneck Tops

Women's Turtleneck Tops

When you want to be warm and fashionable, you can always count on women's turtleneck tops to create an amazing outfit. With an elegant, curve-hugging silhouette and endless colors and materials to choose from, women's turtlenecks are designed to meet all your styling needs.

Whether you're headed to work or brunch with your best friends, it doesn't matter: a women's turtleneck can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. For instance, the long neck of this top looks excellent with fashion scarves when you need a work-ready outfit. Then, on a day off, easily match this top with a well-loved pair of high waist jeans or women's corduroy pants.

This versatility makes owning a few turtlenecks a good investment for anyone who wants to look stylish in various settings. You can also increase your range by getting a few short-sleeve and half-sleeve turtlenecks for those mild days that are still chilly enough to merit some extra coverage.

Long Sleeve Turtleneck Tops

In the winter and late fall, long sleeve turtleneck tops are vital base layers to make a warm outfit, when worn with women's waffle knit sweaters. Since they have long necks that offer generous warmth, they keep the cold away even when the winds feel icy. This makes it easy to go without a scarf, but don't forget to wear your warmest down coats. Plus, your turtleneck can serve as an extra toasty layer for chilly days. Pair a longer turtleneck with a long down coat for women. Also, check out our selection of petite turtleneck sweaters.

To stay warm even on the coldest of days, look for long-sleeve turtleneck tops made of insulating materials like flannel, wool blends, thick cotton knits, and luxurious petite cashmere sweaters. These high-quality fabrics help lock in heat while keeping you comfortable.

When you pick a turtleneck in lighter materials, you can wear them well into the spring. Simply trade heavier materials for light and thin fabrics like jersey knits, linen, and ultra-light cotton. Since the weather gets warmer in spring, you typically won't need extra layers to feel comfortable and can wear these turtlenecks alone.

You can also count on women's turtlenecks to diversify both your leisure and business casual outfits. They can be part of a comfy work-from-home outfit with some leggings or be worn with a professional blazer or vest for an on-point ensemble for the office. Layer your turtleneck top with a long black winter coat or a womens down coat in the colder seasons, a staple in every closet!

Find a wealth of women's tops in fresh colors, patterns and different materials for all your styling needs at Lands’ End.