What Your Raincoat Says About You

What Your Raincoat Says About You

The way a person dresses tells you a lot about their personality. Tailored dresses? She loves looking put together. Custom suits? He’s proud of his success. Always sporting the newest sneakers? He loves comfort and style. An athleisure lover? She’s all about comfort and just might like working out, too.

And, the same goes for raincoats. A raincoat is a piece of clothing that practically every single person owns (or knows they need to buy, ASAP). There are women’s raincoats, plus-size rain jackets, fleece-lined coats, hooded coats, cinched versions, Squall-insulated options, the list goes on and on.

If you think about it: A person’s raincoat color, pattern, or style says a ton about their personality. And yes, the same mantra goes for kids’ raincoats, which tend to come in fun colors and patterns like camo, tie-dye, and even rainbow stripes! Don’t worry—people will think your kids look super cute no matter what type of coat you pick for them! Curious about what people will think of you in your rain gear? Below, we break down what your raincoat says about you.

A Raincoat With a Hood

This means you’re smart, cognizant of the fact that rain comes from every direction, and always want to be dry, protected, and cozy. If you ask us, raincoats without hoods don’t make that much sense, but, at the same time, we totally understand the appeal of a sleek, gorgeous raincoat without a hood, in the name of fashion.

And, while most savvy women appreciate a raincoat with a hood to protect their hair, many men’s rain jackets come with a hood, as well. Our advice for both women and men? Look for a raincoat with an adjustable hood so you can keep your line of sight while racing through the raindrops, or one with a visor and cord locks to block the elements. Tighten up your hood, and you’ll be able to face most types of weather. Clearly, an umbrella helps, too!

Insulated Rain Jackets

If you live in an area that often has a chilly spring or fall, wearing an insulated rain jacket shows you’re a planner who likes to prepare. Insulated women’s spring jackets are usually the best option to keep you warm and dry in any rainstorm in any climate. Bonus points for a coat with anti-pilling, antistatic fleece lining that adds softness and warmth where it counts.

Dry, warm, and versatile, insulated rain jackets will get you through most situations. While many raincoats have an extra layer of lining or an inner shell, we love rain jackets that have PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation, made from 100% recycled plastic. Why not help the Earth while you’re staying dry? Also, look for coats that are “Squall insulated,” which will protect you from any violent wind and rainstorms.

If you have one of the new 3-in-1 weatherproof parkas, it shows you know what you’re doing! From showers to severe storms, the 3-in-1 keeps you warm, comfy, and dry in any weather. A waterproof, windproof shell stops both rain and cold, and a warm quilted vest creates the ultimate in warmth and protection from the elements. Bonus: This vest can also be worn on its own as a top layer.

A Cinched-Waist Raincoat

Cinched-waist women’s raincoats that let you show off your figure are a smart and stylish option and prove you care about how you present yourself to the world. A packable cinched-waist raincoat is a perfect answer for uncertain days that have the potential to go from dry to rainy. The rain jacket is waterproof and windproof, yet light enough to pack into its own pocket if needed. Plus, it features zip pockets to keep your things dry and secure, an adjustable hood, and a waist you can adjust with an interior drawcord for a more flattering look, which is exactly the reason we adore cinched-waist coats.

Throw on your cutest rain boots with skinny jeans and your cinched-waist jacket, and you’ll stay warm, dry, and fashionable all day long.

A Bright and Colorful Rain Jacket

If you love to rock a bright and colorful rain jacket, it shows you’re a gal who likes to have some serious fun—and isn’t afraid of looking too showy. Ladies, rainy days are the perfect time to throw some color into the world. The classic bright yellow raincoat is the most recognized option, but coats now are available in colors like pink, bright blue, red, fuchsia, purple, and even teal. It’s all so fun. Match your coat with a bright umbrella, and go out and have some fun. If you’re looking for a plus-size raincoat, there are so many fun colors for you to choose from. Flattering, bold, and pretty, these vibrant coats challenge you to grab a matching umbrella or boots and take on the world with a smile!

No matter what you decide to wear on rainy days, just know that a raincoat always says a lot about you and your style! Fun, daring, brave, cautious—there’s a coat that meets the vibe you want to project to the world!


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