Cozy and Chic: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

Cozy and Chic: What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner

As you count down the days to Thanksgiving, you may have more on your mind than just food. While that’s a big part of the equation, it’s also worth putting some thought into what you plan to wear to dinner. Traditionally, Thanksgiving is spent in the company of friends and family, so you don’t necessarily need to dress up unless it’s customary for you to do so.

No matter the situation, though, your comfort should take precedence over everything else. That means putting the focus on cozy, soft, and flattering clothes that will help you look and feel your very best throughout the day. Here are a few outfit ideas to consider for Thanksgiving dinner.

Call on Your Cashmere

You can truly never go wrong with a cashmere women’s sweater. It’s the epitome of comfortably chic style—something that’s at once approachable and fashionable, stylish and sensible, soft and sweet. You can make it a core part of your wardrobe throughout fall and winter, so it’s also a great investment piece.

There are dozens of ways to style it, too! Try a refined cashmere turtleneck with a pair of wide-leg pants for a look that’s just slightly more pulled together, but not too dressy. Layer it beneath a sleeveless long dress and step into a pair of ballet flats if you want to dress up just a touch. Or simply slip a reliable cashmere cardigan over anything to instantly lend your outfit a polished look.

Trust Your Loungewear

Loungewear is designed precisely for occasions just like these! Picture the scene: The Thanksgiving meal chaos is coming to an end, and everyone is either gathered around the television watching the big game or relaxing on the couch, chatting with loved ones. It’s the perfect setting for your best loungewear. The beauty of this option is that you have plenty of great options, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Try your favorite long women’s cardigan sweater over a pair of easy leggings and a light T-shirt. Or pull on a pair of reliable joggers and your favorite soft lounge sweatshirt and wrap a light blanket scarf over your shoulders. Finish with chunky sneakers or slip-on canvas shoes for an easy stylish look.

Buckle Up

It’s amazing what a difference a belt can make to any outfit in your closet. That’s particularly true for Thanksgiving dinner, when this accessory might be all you need to take a cozy outfit from merely “okay” to even more suitable for the holiday. For example, your favorite super-relaxed sheath dress suddenly looks more refined and polished when you slip a belt around your waist. Or grab your favorite long cardigan, add a jewel-tone top underneath, and pull on a pair of leggings. Step into a pair of sleek leather booties and finish by wrapping a belt around the cardigan for greater definition. The effect is a little more pulled together, and you can always remove the belt after dinner if you need a breather—we won’t tell!

Break Out the Blazer

Maybe you don’t really need to dress up in formal attire, but would still like to do something a little special for Thanksgiving dinner. If you’ve got a vision of something more refined than a hoodie and joggers in mind, elevate the entire look and feel of your outfit by adding a blazer to the equation. You’d be surprised at what a difference a single piece can make, but a tailored blazer is one of the best ways to change the entire tone of your outfit.

Simple high-rise jeans and a no-fuss long-sleeve T-shirt suddenly look more sophisticated when you add a blazer. Or try it over jeggings and a tunic to ground your look and bring it all together in an on-trend way. You would be surprised at how well the blazer transforms almost outfit into something more festive.

Go for the Max(i)

Maxi-length skirts and dresses convey more of a relaxed and approachable feel than shorter and midi lengths. They’re also perfect for the time of year—you’ll be grateful that you wore something long enough to provide optimal leg coverage if it’s particularly cold out there and you need to travel to your destination. Stay as cozy as possible by choosing a dress with long sleeves, or just throw a light fleece jacket on top if you prefer.

If you’re wearing a maxi skirt, keep it simple by tucking in a sleek turtleneck for a balanced look. Or opt for a black skirt with a white top, then add a metallic belt to achieve an instantly polished outfit that barely took any effort at all. As for footwear, take your cue from the weather. You might need a pair of booties, or you may be able to get away with flat sandals if it’s not too brisk out there.

However you plan to spend your Thanksgiving, choose an outfit that makes you look and feel good so you can enjoy the day with friends and family.

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