What to Wear to an Interview for a Professional Accountant

Classic American Style: What to Wear to an Interview for a Professional Accountant

Are you ready to dress to impress? For better or worse, first impressions are truly everything, especially when it comes to job interviews. Because of this, one of the most critical aspects of preparing to interview for a new job is deciding what to wear.

You will stand out to your interviewer if you do more than simply dress professionally. To ensure that you leave an excellent impression, incorporate some personality and style into your look. From women's loafers to cotton button-up shirts, a Classic American Style is a great way to add a professional flair to your interview outfit. Here’s how to incorporate Classic American style into your business professional wardrobe for the cool confidence you need to nail that accounting interview.

What is Classic American Style?

To understand Classic American Style, simply consider the clothing and accessories that have truly withstood the test of time. These are the quintessential and timeless looks of icons such as Jackie O. Her flattering boat-neck tops, tailored pants, and shift dresses are just as fashionable today as they were half a century ago. Quite simply defined, Classic American Style is an outfit that would look just as stylish nearly a hundred years ago as it does today.

The business professional version of the Classic American Style includes tailored pieces such as pencil skirts and blazers, close-toed heels and ballet flats, and simple button-ups and women’s blouses. The color palette is also classic: black, navy blue or dark green, beige, and white. Keeping your look classic and simple adds poise and elegance to your overall vibe.

The Accounting Interview Dress Code

When interviewing for a finance position, it is good practice to keep your look business-professional. This dress code is refined but conservative. A pantsuit is a great idea for an accounting interview. Depending on the vibe of the company you are interviewing with, you can put a Classic American Style-spin on this business professional look by wearing a women’s boatneck top underneath and pairing it with classic pumps.

If you opt for a pencil skirt and blazer combination, make sure that your skirt falls just below the knee. If it is much shorter than the knee, it can be seen as inappropriate for an office setting, but if it is much longer it can look matronly.

Read the Room

Some companies, especially newer start-ups, may have a slightly more relaxed dress code. It is still good practice to dress professionally to your interview, but if you know that everyone at this company goes to work in jeans and t-shirts and you show up to interview with them in a suit and tie, you risk coming off as out of touch.

Research the company culture and dress for the unique vibe of that company. If you are interviewing at a more relaxed and casual company, you can perhaps swap your women’s dress shirt for a nice, fitted T-shirt or more casual blouse, but keep the suit jacket on top to maintain your overall professional vibe.

Accessorize, But Minimally

In line with the Classic American Style, choose accessories that are simple, elegant, and timeless. Skip the bracelets and opt for a simple but stylish watch. If you feel the need to wear a necklace, choose a single strand or a single pendant and avoid any pieces that are too chunky, or trendy.

If you are wearing dress pants with belt loops, be sure to also wear a belt. It is not essential that your belt matches your shoes, contrary to popular belief, but they should not clash either. When styling your hair for your interview, also consider something that is classic and timeless, and not overly trendy.

Preparation and Practicality

It goes without saying that you must be on time for your interview. If you tend to be early to meetings, sit outside or in your car until it is time for your appointment; arriving too early can leave just as bad an impression as arriving late. In proving your ability to be punctual and practical, remember to wear clothing that doesn’t just look good but also feels good.

Don’t wait until the morning of your interview to try on your interview outfit or new work dress. Make sure you can comfortably move around in the clothing you chose, and make sure it fits you well. The more comfortable you are, the more confidence you will naturally exude. If you are wearing a suit or even a blazer and dress pants, have it cleaned and pressed before your interview.

In addition to these practical considerations, also consider your climate and the weather of the season. If you arrive at an interview wearing wool in the middle of the summer or bare-legged in the middle of winter, this could leave an odd impression on your interviewer.

Your clothing choice can not only show that you are cool, confident, and stylish, but also proves that you are well-prepared and pragmatic. Now go show off that professional Classic American style and get that job!


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