What to Wear to a Virtual Family Easter Brunch

What to Wear to a Virtual Family Easter Brunch

Planning to host your family Easter brunch virtually this year? Even if you aren’t meeting with friends, family, and other loved ones in person, it doesn’t mean you should show up to Easter brunch in your fuzzy onesie pajamas (unless, of course, the whole family is going with the pajama theme). Virtual or in-person, it’s always a good idea to dress up for a special holiday. If you are looking through your closet and feeling unsure of what to wear this year, consider trying any one of these fun, stylish Easter brunch outfits.

A Pastel-Colored Jumpsuit

Easter is all about vibrant, sunny colors and fresh, new looks. Veer away from darker, richer tones or neutral, traditional colors and instead opt for bright, pastel colors. If you want something that is going to be both stylish and comfy, try wearing a chic jumpsuit this Easter. Try something in a solid, pastel color like lilac, salmon, or turquoise and accessorize accordingly. It could be a cute hat or a colorful necklace. And shoes! Don’t forget the shoes. Your virtual Easter brunch guests may not see your footwear, but those in your home will. Plus, it feels nice to wear a complete outfit. Something like a wedge sandal is a great choice because it’s comfy, supportive, and stylish.

A Rainbow-Striped Dress

Remember, the theme is colorful! Easter is a happy occasion all about rebirth, so now is the time to debut new outfits. A comfy cotton dress with rainbow stripes is a trendy look that is great for both teenagers and adults. If your family has a thing for matching attire, you could get rainbow stripe dresses for all the girls in the family to wear. Leave the outfit as is or accessorize with a white blazer or jean jacket.

White Capri Pants and a Colorful Blouse

Not every Easter outfit has to be a dress. An outfit featuring pants look can be just as elegant. Of course, you can wear white all year long, but it’s especially stunning during the spring season when the flowers first start to bloom. Pair white capri pants with your favorite colorful blouse (it could be one solid color or a print design). Accessorize with a slim brown leather belt and a pair of wedge heels with a floral print. Add a few of your favorite jewelry pieces or an elegant wristwatch and you have a stunning Easter brunch outfit.

A Pleated Midi Skirt and a Silky White Blouse

Are you going for a very elegant, vintage-inspired look? Nothing beats the classic midi skirt and white blouse combo. It’s simple and easy to put together, but visually stunning. A white button-down blouse constructed with satin or silk material pairs beautifully with a pleated, floral print midi skirt. Tuck the blouse into the skirt and accessorize with a pair of pointed-toe heels. You can leave this outfit as is or accessorize it with tasteful jewelry pieces or a cute, small handbag.

Colorful Dress Shirts for the Guys

We can’t forget about stylish outfit ideas for the guys in your family! Easter is a great time to be playful and bold with your outfit choices. Instead of a plain white dress shirt, opt for something with a trendy print design or a pastel color like light blue, soft pink, or purple. Wear the shirt with white pants or regular dress slacks. For a more casual look, you could wear the colorful dress shirt unbuttoned and layered over a fitted white tee. Finish the look with a pair of brown leather oxfords and a belt.

A Floral Mini Skirt and a Denim Jacket

This is an adorable look for the girls in the family and it’s a perfect springtime outfit. Opt for a mini skirt with a cute floral print design. For the top, a simple white tee works well (it should be a solid color so it doesn’t clash with the print skirt). Layer with an unbuttoned denim jacket. Finish the look with a pair of colorful ballet flats and a chic purse.

A Cozy Sweater Dress

Easter doesn’t always guarantee the day will be warm and sunny. It’s spring after all and spring weather can be pretty fickle, especially in certain climates. If you are anticipating an uncharacteristically chilly Easter Sunday, keep things cozy by opting for a colorful sweater dress. Since it’s a sweater dress, something usually worn in the fall and winter, opt for light, pastel colors instead of darker, richer colors. You may need coverage for your legs, depending on the temperature, so if you do, things like leggings and stockings go well with a pair of ankle boots.

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