What to Wear to a Theme/Amusement Park

What to Wear to a Theme/Amusement Park

Theme parks and amusement parks are great fun! To fully enjoy the occasion, you will want to be comfy, stylish, and prepared for whatever may come. Let’s look at some great suggestions on what to wear to a theme park or amusement park.

Keep Comfy

The first rule of having fun at the park will be staying comfy. This means clothing and shoes that fit, breathe, and are easy for everything from walking to running. If you have an adorable pair of new sandals, unless they are adorable new walking sandals that you have already had a chance to break in, leave them in the closet for this one. Sneakers with good support or a sturdy pair of walking sandals are what you need. You want to be able to go for miles and not think about anything except fun.

Speaking of comfy, cotton is a great choice. Whether you go for cotton tops, pants, or women’s cotton shorts for a park day. A medium- to lightweight cotton will give you the insulation that you need with the breathability that you crave.

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Even if the park doesn’t have the word “water” in its name, be prepared. Parks sometimes have sea life exhibits, rides that involve water, splash pads, or fountains that you or someone in your crew will want to explore. Whether you have little ones with you who beg to sit in the “splash zone” for the show, or you just want to be the fun mom/aunt/partner/friend who goes on the ride that you know is likely to leave you soaked, having a beach towel tucked into your bag or backpack is a great move. Park days can be good ponytail days if you have long hair!

It's also a great idea to check in advance if there is a pool or water rides that will be available. If so, plan for them up to and including wearing your swimsuit under your clothing or bringing one with you in a beach bag.

Stay Cool

Chances are you will be visiting the theme park or amusement park when it is warm or hot. Don’t underestimate this. Wear lightweight, comfy clothes and take advantage of options like sleeveless shirts and shorts.

You’ll want to make sure that everyone in your crew is properly covered in sunscreen when you start out and that they reapply as necessary. Also, keep an eye on hydration. It’s easy to underestimate how much water you need when you are out having fun in the sun. Take special care with those who may need extra help with this, including elderly family members and little ones.

Layer Up

It may seem silly to layer up in warm weather, but when the mercury rises, you may be glad to be able to strip down to that women’s cotton tank top. By the same token, a light jacket or hoodie may be just the thing by evening. If there is a chance of rain, having an outer layer that will give you at least some protection is a great idea. A sudden shower will make you realize how easy it is to get stuck outside at even the best of theme parks and amusement parks.

If you have an “all-ages crew” at the park, plan this one in advance. Little ones can carry their own jackets if they have the right kids’ backpack or can tie a jacket around their waist. If you will be riding rides, you may not be able to carry much, so plan for that, too. Perhaps you all need to go minimalist and stash the main bag in a locker near the entrance, or the adults need to carry easy items in a fanny pack or small crossbody that will work for the activities you are likely to encounter. If you are likely to benefit from a stroller, have one with you or rent one. Rides like train rides or shows that involve sitting where everyone can rest for a bit can be a lifesaver toward the end of a long day.

Clean Up

It may not be the most stylish thing to think about, but make sure that you wear clothing that will clean up easily when you go to the park. Even if you are incredibly neat and graceful, your son/daughter, nephew/niece, or that total stranger walking past with ice cream may not be.

When stains happen, stay cool. Do what you can to dab some soap and water on them at the time, but don’t let it spoil the occasion. Life happens, and sometimes it happens with a strawberry lemonade on your white women’s T-shirt! Keep some wet wipes handy to help little ones (or the adults!) clean up a bit, when necessary, but go with the flow. It’s a park day, after all.

Relax and have a fun day at the park!


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