What to Wear to a Social Distance BBQ

What to Wear to a Social Distance BBQ     

Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous. While many of us are enjoying finally connecting to friends and family in a safer outdoor setting, it might feel strange to have to put on some cute clothes and go out again when we’ve been accustomed to living in our women’s loungewear for months. Put the sweatpants aside for now and reacquaint yourself with your wardrobe, because a social distance BBQ is a great opportunity to dress up to feel and look great. Grab your mask and hand sanitizer and slip on the perfect BBQ outfit for this summer’s social distancing outings. 


A beautiful blouse screams summer while still exuding timeless class. If you’re off to a BBQ it’s the perfect top to wear to look chic but also casual enough to be barbequeing. We love a stellar women’s white blouse but understand concerns about dripping BBQ sauce and splashes of sangria. Opt for something like a floral print or brightly colored blouse instead. Prints and colors are stylish and are also the perfect mood for summer and socializing with friends. Make your blouse ensemble even more exciting by having the prints and colors match your mask. Dress your blouse down with a pair of light-washed jeans or dress it up with a maxi skirt. Either way, the blouse is your bestie for social distance BBQing. 

Summer Dress   

Who doesn’t love a good reason to slip on a summer dress? Airy, fun, and comfortable, a summer dress is the perfect easy look for summer BBQs. Cotton summer dresses are our favorite go-to when it comes to casual chic looks this summer. Cotton provides the luxuriously lazy feel while the dress takes care of the rest. If you’re worried about being cold, bring along a denim jacket or light sweater to put on later. Instead of a summer dress, you can also wear a maxi skirt or midi skirt with your favorite blouse or t-shirt. You’ll have the same look and feel of a summer dress while having the added fun of mixing and matching two pieces. 


Linen anything is perfect for a steamy social distance BBQ. Linen shirts, shorts, dresses, button ups, pants, you name it. For day time grilling, we recommend linen for both you and your man. This refined and breathable fabric is perfect for hot summer days and social events where you want to look good and feel comfortable. You and your other half can even match with your linens. A linen button up shirt for men is about as casual chic as one can get while still feeling comfortable enough to enjoy a BBQ. Put on your favorite women’s linen shirt over a skirt or capris for a flawless and comfortable outfit.   

Cotton Sweater  

Even the hottest of summers can have cooler days. If your social distance BBQ is scheduled for a cool day, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear that new cotton sweater. Cotton sweaters are the timeless answer to cool summer days and nights. Cotton sweaters are also easy to wear with just about anything. Pair it with your favorite jeans or slip it on over a summer dress. Cotton sweaters are also great for more casual style BBQs. If you are out by the fire pit and are enjoying a more down to earth BBQ experience, wear your cotton sweater with a favorite pair of jeans and sneakers. This will also keep the mosquitos from biting! 


There’s a pair of jeans for every season, including summer. For hot days, wear looser fitting jeans or boyfriend jeans. Stressed denim and lighter washes are bright for summer and are as comfortable as they are stylish. Jeans are a great choice for any kind of BBQ, including the socially distanced ones. The pockets on jeans are also a great added perk for a social distance BBQ as they offer a place to keep small bottles of hand sanitizer and masks easily on hand for any moment you need them.

Dress jeans up with a linen shirt or cotton blouse, or dress your jeans down with your favorite t-shirt or tank top. Jeans always offer the perfect balance of looking great without being overly dressed. Wear with a cute pair of sandals and you’re ready to go. 

Social distance BBQs are one of the best parts of this summer. Take full advantage of the opportunity to safely see friends and family while still looking absolutely fabulous. 


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