What to Wear to a Pool Party

What to Wear to a Pool Party

There are so many things to love about summer. Weekend getaways to the shore, beach days, backyard BBQs, camping trips, and, of course, pool parties. Pool parties are extra special because if you don’t have a pool of your own, getting an invite to enjoy a friend’s, a neighbor’s, or a family member’s pool on an extra hot summer day is like opening up the Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka – or perhaps even more exciting (if you can’t tell, we’re really waiting for a pool party invite over here).

When you have a pool party on your summer agenda, it’s important to look and feel your best. After all, these events don’t come around all that often, so it’s a great opportunity to debut your best summer loo. And beyond rocking your most flattering seasonal outfit, you always want to wear something that makes you feel as great as you look. After all, feeling comfortable is key to feeling confident, which is key to making the most of the occasion.

For a pool party, you'll want a look that you can easily transition between dips and dives in the pool, to enjoying dips and chips by the refreshment spread, to (ideally) lounging by the pool with a tropical cocktail or mocktail with one of those oh-so-fun little drink umbrellas in it. Read on for pool party outfit ideas that’ll allow you to achieve the perfect balance.

A Stylish Swimsuit

The most important part of your pool party look will be the swimsuit you choose to wear. The right swimsuit for a pool party will, of course, be whatever you feel the most comfortable and confident in.

If it's a family get-together, you might be looking for a modest swimsuit that’s flattering and stylish while also providing enough coverage for splashing around in the pool. Look for a one-piece with shape-enhancing accents, like flattering crisscross shirring or a high neckline with cap sleeves and crisscross straps in the back.

Alternatively, you can also use this as an opportunity to wear a string bikini top for flattering cheeky bottoms or your favorite bandeau top. After all, you won’t have to worry about currents or unexpected ocean waves, just be sure to keep your swimsuit style in mind before you go for any wild flips or dips from the diving board!

A Flattering Swim Cover Up

Of course, you’re likely not planning on arriving at the host’s front door in nothing but your swimsuit to immediately beeline for the pool (we do understand this urge on a hot summer day, though). So, make sure you also have a stylish yet practical layer to wear over your swimsuit, like a beachy women's cover-up. Swim or beach cover-ups are as practical as they are stylish, as they make transitioning from the pool to the snack table or the poolside chaise seamless.

If you want more coverage, wear a super soft and lightweight cotton jersey dress as a swim cover-up. These lightweight dresses pair perfectly with a pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals, plus a wide-brimmed sun hut and some stylish sunglasses.

A Breezy Maxi Dress

Just like a swim coverup, breezy maxi dresses for women are a great choice for a pool party outfit. Throw on a sleeveless tiered maxi dress in a bright and vibrant summery pattern over your swimsuit, and complete this look with some sandals or wedges with a low heel, plus the other accessories we mentioned above.

An effortlessly chic maxi dress will keep your legs covered and sun-safe (as long as you’re also applying sunscreen!) between dips and will keep you feeling stylish as you head to the refreshment table for an umbrella drink or a plate of tasty food from the grill.

A Pair of Airy Shorts and a Summery Shirt

If dresses aren’t your thing, you can easily put together a great pool party outfit without one! One summer essential is a pair of quick-drying swim shorts that you can wear both in the pool and while you hang on your towel or chaise poolside.

Pair these shorts with a breezy (and seriously trendy!) short-sleeved button-up that you can rock open over a bathing suit top or a UPF 50 sun-safe women’s summer shirt, in a quick-dry material and whatever T-shirt style you feel most confident in. With a pair of flip-flops or slides and your favorite hat on, this easy yet cute pool party look will keep you feeling perfectly summery and comfortable throughout the entire event!

By starting with the right swimsuit and throwing on a swim cover-up or maxi dress layer, or opting for swim shorts and tee combo, you’ll be pool-partying-it-up in your favorite summer look yet. Just don’t forget to invite us next time!


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