What to Wear to a Country Concert

What to Wear to a Country Concert

Country music is beloved by many fans for its traditional sounds and relatable themes of love, work, and loneliness. The genre has also influenced many fashion trends over the years, from plaid shirts to cowboy boots. If you’re planning on catching your favorite country artist live in concert, you’ll need something comfy and stylish to wear. Comfy, because you’ll be standing and dancing for hours. Stylish, because you want to look great in all the photos you’ll be taking. And now, you don’t have to be stuck for outfit ideas. Read on to discover our top looks to try out for your next country concert.

Denim on Denim

Denim has always been synonymous with country music and culture, thanks to its workhouse origins. And in recent years, the Canadian Tuxedo has made a triumphant return to the runway. That’s why a denim-on-denim look makes the perfect outfit for a country concert. To create a chic version of this look, pair any white jeans with a blue denim jacket. If it’s too warm for a jacket, try a chambray shirt instead. Then, add a graphic t-shirt and matching sneakers to complete the look.

Flannel Shirt

Flannel is another fabric that’s often associated with country music. It’s also soft and comfy to wear, making it a great choice for concert dressing. Create a stylish outfit by layering a flannel shirt over a fitted t-shirt in a matching color. White is always a classic choice, but you can pick any shade in the design of the shirt. Finish it off with a pair of denim shorts and cowboy boots for added flair. You can also accessorize with a matching head scarf.

Peasant Dress

A peasant dress refers to any loose, flowy maxi dress influenced by retro folk style. Peasant dresses are traditionally long, but nowadays you can also find plenty of shorter styles. Popular designs include tiered skirts and off-the-shoulder necklines. When paired with cowboy boots, these dresses make a great outfit for country concerts, and there are so many colors and patterns to choose from. Add a cowboy hat and a few pieces of jewelry to finish it off.

Denim Pencil Skirt

Wearing a denim pencil skirt to a country concert is a fantastic alternative to jeans. Look for designs that have a hint of stretch for added comfort. Skirts with a slit at the front or side will add an extra pop of style to your look. Add a white t-shirt or flowy peasant blouse and a leather belt with a buckle. Then, pull on your cowboy boots to finish it all off. If pencil skirts aren’t your thing, you can create the same look with a classic denim mini-skirt.

Tunic Top

The silhouette of a tunic top offers a similar look to a peasant dress. This makes it another great choice for a country concert outfit. Look for oversized, flowy designs made from natural fabrics like cotton or linen. The best thing about wearing tunics is how versatile they are to style. You can pair them with denim shorts, a skirt, skort, or jeans. Add some layered necklaces, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots to complete this Western-inspired look.

Fringed Jacket or Vest

Country music and rodeo go hand in hand, which is why a fringed jacket makes a great look for a country concert. Layer one over a t-shirt and throw on a pair of denim shorts for an easy chic outfit. If it’s too hot to wear a jacket, try a fringed vest instead. For cooler weather, you can swap out the shorts for jeans. Add some chunky bangles and a headscarf for extra flair. And don’t forget the cowboy boots! You can also wear this look with ankle boots or sneakers for a more modern touch.


A kimono makes a great lightweight cover-up for a country concert, especially if it features a floral or country-style pattern. Style it over a white tank top or t-shirt with a pair of denim shorts or jeans. Then, add a headband and boots to complete the look. For added style, cinch the kimono at your waist using a leather belt. Complete this cute look with a crochet bag and a few pieces of jewelry.

Dressing for a country concert can be just as fun as the event itself. Let the genre inspire your choice of patterns, textures, clothing items, and footwear. Then, create your ideal look and finish it off with matching shoes and accessories. Concerts generally involve a lot of standing and movement, so be sure to pick out comfy items. Bookmark this page so you can come back to it anytime you need outfit inspiration. Then, get ready to enjoy the night in true country style.


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