What to Wear to a Beach Bonfire

What to Wear to a Beach Bonfire

Don’t you just love a beach bonfire? The fun, the friends, the sand, the surf! And, of course, you will want to be comfy and look great, too. Here are some fun outfits to wear to your next beach bonfire.

Swimsuit and Beach Cover-Up

If you will be meeting during daylight and have the chance to swim, consider wearing your swimsuit with a cover-up. This could be a traditional beach cover-up, perhaps a pair of shorts and an oversized button-up shirt, or a fun midi skirt to wear over your suit for an instant outfit.

The beauty of this combination is that you can be sporty, cute, and dressed for fun in the water, fun in the sun, and fun by the bonfire—all in about five seconds flat. If you have a two-piece suit and are comfortable with the idea, your bikini top or tankini top can be worn solo with a skirt over the bottom of your suit.

Jean Shorts and Tank Top

This classic casual combination is perfect for a beach bonfire. You can choose “nice” jean shorts or your favorite cut-offs—it’s the beach, so either one will work fine. Pair them with a women’s cotton tank top in white, a fun pop color, or maybe even a DIY tie-dye design. You’ll be comfy and ready for anything the evening brings.

Depending upon your wardrobe and the weather, you can also wear jeans with a tank. This will give you a bit more sun coverage if the fun starts during the day, and you will also have the flexibility of rolling up your jeans to mid-calf or knee-length to fit.

Shorts and T-Shirt

For an easy choice, grab your favorite women’s shorts and a comfy T-shirt. You can even wear this outfit over your swimsuit if the schedule and weather are likely to allow for sunning or swimming before the bonfire gets going. Lands’ End is all about comfy. In fact, we build comfy into everything we make. If you’re looking for a grab-and-go outfit, there’s no reason to over-think this one. Wear what makes you happy.

Capri Pants and Tank Top

For a chic combo, consider a pair of capri pants and a tank top. White is a great summer look for capri pants but might not be best for the beach. Denim or black are safer bets if you are likely to be sitting directly on the sand.

Skirt and Tank Top

This is an easy-breezy ensemble that just looks and feels great. Choose either a cute short skirt or a flirty and flowy midi skirt, and you can pair it with a tank top tucked in partway, tied up at the waist or cascading to your hips. This combination can be the perfect excuse to pull that hippie skirt or a striking vibrant number out of your closet. Any skirt that says “free spirit” is a great candidate for a beach bonfire. They may not go with your everyday outfits, but they’re perfect for a beach bonfire. You’ll look beautiful and feel fantastic.

Maxi Dress

We don’t always think of wearing a dress to the beach, but a maxi dress is a great summery look, and when you have one in your closet, you will want to get as much mileage out of as possible. The right maxi dress will make you feel gorgeous and glamorous, no matter how casual it is. If you like the idea of creating a summer capsule wardrobe, make sure to include a maxi dress.

There is something about wearing a maxi dress while barefoot that can make you feel like a flower child. Why not put on some music by the beach bonfire and dance barefoot? If someone has a guitar, great! If not, pull out a phone and set up a fun retro playlist for the gang and have an instant dance party. After all, sand can be a dance floor, and after all it’s just the beach—dance like no one is watching.

Beach Bag

Don’t forget to pack some necessities in your beach bag! Sunscreen if you’re starting out in daylight, a water bottle, and a throw blanket are all good starters. A beach towel is always a good idea—even if you don’t plan on getting in the water. The likelihood of someone needing a bit of clean-up is always there, and a beach towel makes great extra seating for the gang.

Throw in a deck of playing cards, too. You never know when a relaxing evening with friends can shift into great conversation over a game. This can be a good move if there are kids who need something fun to do while the grown-ups hang out and talk, too.

Whatever you choose to wear, enjoy the beach bonfire!


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