Lazy Sunday Clothing to Rock Your Day

Lazy Sunday Clothing to Rock Your Day

Sundays tend to have two opposing faces: that “kick your feet up and relax” kind and the “shoot, I made plans didn’t I?” kind.

We can never quite predict how motivated we’ll feel when we decide to book next Sunday’s afternoon. Yeah, going on a four-hour lake tour sounds like a super idea but when you go to bed after the excursion with a radiating sunburn you wonder how you ever got convinced to leave your bed.

Sometimes you want to be cozied up on the couch watching TV all day without ever stepping outside. It’s human.

So, what do you do when we come across this little “plan” conundrum? Here are a few situations you might find yourself in when you’re supposedly having a lazy Sunday.

The Sweater and the Babysitter

Your close friend calls you last minute: they forgot about their Sunday night plans and their babysitter is out of town. You’re their emergency contact, and for you it’s no big deal.

You get to watch a movie, maybe order in, and hang out with somebody you love to spend time with. It’s basically three-fourths of what you were going to do anyway. Yoga pants and a big cozy sweater are all you’ll need.

You Shouldn’t Wear Your Robe to the Grocery Store

It’s one of those days where you wake up around 10 am, brew up some tea or coffee, hang around in your flannel robe, and pass time on your phone. No real pressure to get much done.

You slowly realize that you actually do have to get up and grab groceries for the week. Could you do it tomorrow after work? No, it’s a lazy Sunday. Getting out of the house will be nice.

All you really have to do is throw on some leggings or jeans (how about a tunic in case you run into a coworker at the store?) and don’t forget that shopping list. Once you get back home you can get right back into your robe and slippers mode like nothing changed.

An Athleisure Kind of Sunday

Even if you’re not going to yoga class or a hike before noon, you’re still ready to get up and go if you throw on yoga pants and a quarter zip. People say, “dress for the job you want,” and the same is true when that morning motivation hasn’t quite had an effect yet. So you may as well dress for the workout you want. Worst case scenario you’re comfortable all day.

Friend Surprises You on Pajama Day

Your friend is a jet setter and it seems their favorite hobby is surprising people. You get a text like this: “Hey, I’m in town for a few hours before I have to go back to my life in [distant faraway place].”

You’re in your pajamas. Comfortable is half the word for how you feel. But you can’t miss a chance to see your good pal before they head off into the sunset again. Why not get the best of both worlds? Invite them over to your pajama party. Make some Sunday sundaes. Watch your favorite movie and talk over it like you always have. Do they have to meet up with other people? Have a pajama party! Whatever happens, you get to stay comfortable.

Date Night Scramble

You won’t admit it but you completely forgot it was date night. Thankfully the restaurant called you to let you know that your reservation was pushed back half an hour. Great. Extra time. Phew.

Since you got to have two-thirds of a lazy Sunday, you can hop in the shower, throw on a great pair of chinos and a stunning button-up, then decide which shoes work best for the occasion. An elegant outfit is actually easier to prepare than explaining how the anniversary dinner “slipped your mind.”

Blue Jeans and Brunch

Are you grabbing brunch at the local diner with a friend? Blue jeans and a solid flannel shirt. If it’s a “sit at the outdoor table” kind of day, you can always tie the flannel around your waist. This way, when you get back home you’re in an outfit that won’t mind taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Midday Shindig

Some close friends are hosting a themed party, trivia night, or maybe a book club gathering. It’s usually not too dressy, but the past few times you’ve been at their house it’s been refreshing to spruce it up. You should wear a soft blouse and comfortable pants. It’s Sunday comfort and Sunday’s best rolled into one.


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