What to Wear for Family Christmas Photos

What to Wear for Family Christmas Photos

The perfect family Christmas photos start with great outfits! No matter what you and your family’s style preferences are, there are ways to make everyone happy and take gorgeous family pictures for the season. Use these ideas to inspire you for your own creative Christmas attire and let your imagination run wild with great photo ops.

Creative Christmas Tees

Looking for something cute, casual, fun, and a little different than the everyday Christmas outfits? Consider coming up with personalized Christmas tees for the family. You can order or DIY your tee-shirts with images, initials, the family’s last name, or a family logo. Coordinate by having everyone wear similar pant or jean colors along with the tees. Backdrops for a casual outfit like this can be anything from the family Christmas tree or your backyard to a local park or favorite nature area.

Make It Festive With a Little Sparkle

What’s perfect for the holidays? Anything that sparkles, of course! While you might not want to go overboard with it, apparel that includes glitter or metallic accents can be a great way to add some festiveness to the family photos. Women can wear glitter shells or tops with cute cardigan sweaters, while guys can don metallic or sparkle-accented ties or jackets for the picture. You can add sparkle through accessories like jewelry, shoes, hats, and scarves, too. Incorporate as much or as little sparkle as your family likes for an extra special touch to the family photos.

Matching Winter Gear

Your parkas or ski jackets work hard all winter, but they can be perfect for some fun photos, too. Wear winter coats in matching or coordinating colors for a fun and perfectly seasonal look that fits the bill for any holiday photo, whether it’s for the annual Christmas card or just for a fun social media post. Don’t forget to top off the look with all the season’s cold-weather accessories, too, like scarves, hats, and even gloves or puffy mittens for a great look.

Casual in Khakis and Button-Up Shirts

Go semi-casual and fuss-free with comfortable but stylish outfits for guys and gals alike. Khaki pants and button-up shirts have a classic appeal that works for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type, so this can be the perfect type of Christmas outfit to use as a go-to, especially for large family groups. You can change it up according to people’s preferences, for example, ladies might prefer khaki skirts, and some might like a light cardigan or sweater as an accent over their button-up shirt. Since khakis are a natural neutral, all you need to do is coordinate the shirt colors for an easy, attractive picture for any family group, no matter how large.

Go Crazy With Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Nothing is as much fun as Christmas morning in matching family Christmas pajamas, so why not capture that idea for cards, posts, and more? Order cozy, comfortable matching Christmas pajamas (available in a wide array of styles and colors to meet everyone’s style preferences) for an adorable look that can’t be surpassed even by the dressiest of dress clothes. Don’t forget to coordinate accessories like fuzzy socks, robes, and slippers to complete the photo. Set up the picture for a classic look in front of the Christmas tree or hanging personalized stockings, or go contemporary with a zany or silly background or pose.

Try Plaid Flannel for Perfect Pictures

Plaid flannel shirts are a perfect winter staple; not only are these shirts comfortable and cozy, but they can be super cute for holiday family photos, too. Pair them with dark denim jeans, cute boots, and wear them alone or over matching turtlenecks for stylish outfits that will work for the whole family. Ladies and girls can change it up by pairing plaid with swinging jersey skirts or cut corduroy skirts. Guys can try slacks, khakis, or light denim washes, too. Coordinating hats are also a great look with a plaid outfit for the family pictures. Even if the whole family doesn't wear matching plaid shirts, consider coordinating colors (such as everyone wearing tops with evergreen or Christmas-red base) to keep the look cohesive.

Mix It Up With Colored Sweaters

Sweaters are another winter staple everyone has in their closet, and a great v-neck, crew-neck, or button-up sweater makes a great look for a family photo. While Christmas sweaters are great, you can also go with what's in your closet. You can wear matching shades, or make it slightly varied with different Christmas-inspired hues such as navy, red, maroon, deep green, or gold. Options like having mom and dad wear the same color and kids a different one, or females one color and makes a different shade, can help keep the look put-together but still interesting.

Go Black and White With Colorful Accessories

Black and white outfits combos are classic. This classic look appeals to all ages and can work for a clean, classy look perfect for holiday photos. Anything from white sweaters or button-up tops with slacks, black denim, or skirts can work well. The key to spicing up this simple look and keeping it interesting is to finish it off with some brightly colored accessories. A black and red scarf, for example, will add instant pizzazz to the look, or even a simple gold belt or chunky colorful necklace will dress it up a little more for a sweet picture. Don’t forget the shoes! Eye-catching boots can make a big difference in the appeal of a simple outfit for the whole family.

Easy Outfits for Creative Family Christmas Photos

The best family Christmas pictures can start with basics you probably already have in your closet, or you can invest in fabulous staples like plaids or sweaters the whole family will continue to love (and live in) all winter long.

By using a little creativity and a few accessories, you can come up with exciting holiday outfits that will keep the whole family happy and looking fabulous for photos.


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