4 Items to Stash in Your Bag This Summer

4 Items to Stash in Your Bag This Summer

Summer is a season full of adventures. The hot days and cool nights set the stage for many diverse and enjoyable activities. When you know that you will be on the go, it’s vital to take useful items with you. Whether you need accessible snacks for young ones or sun protection at the beach, a canvas tote bag can hold everything you need.

There are many types of bags that can help you carry everything you need without weighing you down either. Some occasions might be perfect for a small tote bag, while you may need a duffel bag or a travel bag for another situation. Thankfully, we have a wide selection of bags to ensure you are prepared for any activity.

When you find a bag that works for you, it’s also important to put the right things inside it. Here are four items to stash in your bag this summer so you can keep up the momentum all day long.

Beach Supplies

Spending a day at the beach requires many items to ensure everybody stays comfortable and safe. Beach tote bags are highly versatile and can carry various items, even ones with irregular shapes like toys and sporting goods. They are great accessories for any beachgoer, from the single person looking to get a tan to the busy family of five that needs another bag for sand toys. Common beach supplies to pack for an extended day include:

Park Toys & Gear

Outdoor parks provide a lot of opportunities for entertainment. While older kids and adults enjoy games like frisbee golf and team sports, younger ones may want a simple game of catch with a ball. Thankfully, your summer bag can store all the goods you need to enjoy a day at the park. Since tote bags have a wide opening and can hold objects of many sizes and shapes, you can confidently stash supplies like footballs, extra pairs of shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, and anything you need for the park.

Tip: Do you have a lot of gear to bring to the park? Then you will need extra-large canvas tote bags to keep everything in one place. This bag can also be used during travel, especially for weekend trips.

Prepacked Travel Bags

In the summer, your plans can change in a split second. When you have a bag packed with an extra change of clothes and travel accessories like water repellent pouches and toiletries on hand, you will be ready for anything. Keep this travel bag ready to go in your closet or even in your vehicle so that you can be spontaneous. If you have a family, you should also prepack short trip bags for your kids so they can also come along for the fun. Here are some key items to have in these getaway bags:

  • At least one change of (seasonal) clothing
  • A light jacket or cardigan to adjust to different weather
  • A set of travel toiletries
  • A phone charger

These may all fit in a tote bag, or you may feel comfortable putting everything in women’s weekender bags, which have many convenient compartments and secure zip-top closures. There are also many patterns and colors to choose from, so you can find your bag easily!

Crafting Items

If you like to partake in hobbies like knitting, crocheting, or creating seasonal decor in homes, then you can easily fit all or most of your crafting items in a large tote bag. There are enough compartments and space to safely lay down delicate things like paper, glue guns, ribbons, needles, and other tools you need to complete your projects.

Your bag can also carry the basic items kids need for crafts, such as construction paper, markers, colored pencils, glue, glitter, and much more. To ensure you don’t ruin an expensive bag, use a low-cost tote bag for kid’s crafts. Supplies like markers, crayons, and colored pencils can easily stain any bag.

There are so many things you can stash in your bag this summer to ensure the fun never stops coming. Bags allow you to hold everything you need to make the most of each trip and can even open doors to spontaneous trips with people you love. Find every kind of bag that you need here today.


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