What to Pack for Your Snowy Winter Vacation

What to Pack for Your Snowy Winter Vacation

Whether you’re planning to hit the slopes, shops, or both on your next winter vacation, it’s important to pack the right apparel and accessories. Read on to learn more about how to look and feel fashionable while staying warm and dry in snowy weather.

Start with the Basics

Winter is a great time to invest in thermal underwear. Look for breathable cotton pieces with a gentle stretch. These days, thermal tops and bottoms are virtually undetectable beneath regular apparel. You can layer them beneath your favorite straight-leg jeans and long-sleeve top to stay warm in the coldest conditions. These pieces also work well under ski apparel, such as snowsuits.

Other pieces you’ll want to pack include thick wool socks to be worn with boots. Slipper socks with grippy bottoms are a good choice for wearing around the hotel room, as they keep your feet warm and aren’t slippery on hard surfaces. You might also want some booties, some of which are lined with Sherpa material for a luxurious feel.

Consider Your Agenda

When packing for your winter vacation, consider what you’ll be doing. Are you spending your time at a spa resort, where you’ll be getting massages and beauty treatments? If so, comfortable clothes are in order. Pack leggings or yoga pants and your favorite T-shirts for spa visits and trips to the resort’s fitness center. If you’re doing a ski vacation, then you’ll need pieces designed to stand up to extreme conditions. Look for snow pants, winter coats, and snowsuits with insulation for maximum warmth.

For evenings out, a long wool coat is a stylish and appropriate piece to wear over a dress, skirt, and top or your favorite slacks-and-blouse combo. If you want to wear heels, pack them in a clear zipper bag and toss them in an oversized handbag. Wear snow boots to the car, then change into your dressy shoes when you get to your destination.

Packing a combination of casual and dressy pieces is a good strategy. That way, you’ll be prepared for anything. You can even mix-and-match the pieces to create an on-trend look. For example, you could wear a pair of high-rise jeans with a sequined blouse and strappy heels for an outfit that combines casual and formal elements.

Layer Different Pieces

Layering is a good practice for wintertime, whether you’re on vacation or having a “staycation” at home. As previously mentioned, thermal underwear is an excellent way to add a layer of warmth. Other ways to layer include leggings under jeans and a tunic over a turtleneck. For a casual look that you can wear all day, pair your favorite jeans with a fitted tee and a hoodie. If you get warm, you can take the hoodie off. If you want an outfit that’s a bit dressier, consider flat-front slacks with a knit top and blazer. There are lots of ways to layer your winter apparel, so experiment with different looks to find what works for you.

Take Outfits from Day to Night

You can easily transition outfits from day to night with a few simple additions. For example, if you’re wearing skinny jeans and a turtleneck with boots, switch them to heels for the evening and add statement accessories, such as oversized hoop earrings or layered necklaces. Or, swap the turtleneck with a silk blouse in a bold color, such as peacock blue or ruby red. Even a bright lipstick or nail color can be enough to take your look from day to evening in style.

Switching out your handbag can also modify the look of your outfit. A casual bag is great for daytime, but when the sun sets, consider stepping out with a sparkly clutch for elegant glamour. These small bags let you carry the essentials, such as your identification, keys, phone, and currency. If you love a well-coordinated look, match the color of your handbag to your shoes.

Consider Packable Outerwear

Some of the best outerwear pieces for winter travel are packable down coats. These coats are designed for travel, as they fold up into a small square that tucks easily into your suitcase or duffel bag. They come in an array of colors, so you can find one that matches your aesthetic. If you’re sensitive to down feathers, there are also packable down-alternative coats. Both types of coats have waterproof exteriors, so you can wear them in rain or snow.

A little planning is all it takes when getting ready for your winter vacation. If you’re not sure whether you should bring an item, err on the side of caution. Rolling tops and pants into a cylinder shape instead of folding them is one way to save room in your suitcase, so you can bring all the outfits you need for a stylish and comfortable getaway.


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