What to pack on your way out for the weekend

Oh, what a sweet relief to be finally getting out of town and heading for the fresh outdoors. Like a siren it calls you, it beckons your sweater collection and invites you on a gleaming adventure you’ve been considering for ages. Put those tools away, the leak on the roof will fix itself this weekend, or at least that’s what you should tell yourself as the weather reports suspect perfection. You need to get out and about.

Grab that canvas tote and fill it with the essentials. Phone, wallet, keys, toothbrush, sunblock, polos, swimsuits, towels. Don’t have a canvas tote bag? GET ONE. It’s like having a tote bag after somehow not having one for years. Bringing the young ones along too? Don’t forget the diaper bag, a travel bag, and sweatshirts for them when they’re running around on those brisk spring days. Like we said, it’s sweater season again, so make sure you complete that outfit with a great pair of slim fit jeans to keep the weekend casual and comfy.

Now, what else might we need? Here are a few places that you might wonder, "Hmm, am I forgetting anything?"

Cabin rental

You’re treating yourself to a getaway, staying in a cozy cabin that looks exactly like the cabin you dreamed of, except you don’t have any lotto winnings for a second home just yet. You’re there for the comfort, and if you have loafers or driving slippers you’re going to love walking on those hardwood floors. Fire up that wood-burning stove, get cozy in a turtleneck. In the morning, read a book outside with a nice toasty drink, snuggle up in a sweater and forget about all your worries. Even if you explore no farther than your front porch, you’ll consider this weekend a success. Yes, put the phone away. You rented right, so there isn’t decent reception anyway.


You tried to go camping earlier than you maybe should have, back in early April. You were prepared, right? You had your sleeping bag, you had your warm hat, that storm-defiant waterproof winter parka, and you thought it would go great. Well you ended up sleeping in the car that night, waking up intermittently to turn the car on and blast the heat. Not to mention how nearly impossible it was to drive the stakes into the still frozen ground. Blame the elevation changes on your weather miscalculation. Not really great at all. That’s okay, you can make it up this time. Your Squall Jacket will be the best choice as you set up camp and start up that fire. We suggest wearing a flannel shirt underneath, with a short sleeve tee should the wood fire prove too hot. Your flannel, t-shirt and favorite jeans will smell like smoky firewood for a week afterward. You might be tempted to hang your clothes up around the campsite just so you can get that scent on everything, and hey, we won’t judge.

Saturday in the park

We couldn’t get all the way out of town but we’ve got the charcoal, the picnic basket, the fixings for a day off with the park grill. If you’re like us, you’ll find your grill brush, a football, a women’s down vest, and a pair of duck boots (in case you dodged a thunderstorm and don’t want those sneakers to get soaked) in the canvas tote. With the family coming along with you on your day off, try on those new polo shirts and some sweatpants. We know grass stains can be difficult, but these are an easier fix than trying to get stains out of jeans.

From us to you, have a spectacular weekend!

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