What to Pack in Your Beach Bag for a Long Weekend Away

What to Pack in Your Beach Bag for a Long Weekend Away

Beach bag totes are such valuable things. They help you carry all of your essentials as other bags do, but they are large and able to withstand the sun, heat, sand and salt, which are part and parcel of beach going. A good tote has become a staple of summer beach days. So you're on your way to the seaside and have a beach bag handy, but now you have to figure out what to put in it. As big as your beach bag is, you still have space limitations, so you want to be intentional with your choices. Here is a list of what to pack in your beach bag for a long weekend away.

Definitely Bring Along...


A weekend at the beach means a weekend in the sun. Few of us have a tan built up to make it through that kind of time without getting a sunburn. And you want to have seashells as souvenirs from your time at the ocean, not bright red tan lines. Pack your beach bag with a bottle or two of sunscreen that has a high SPF. Since you've brought it, be sure to make it a priority to reapply every so often so your skin stays protected and your beach memories stay positive.


While you can drip dry after a dip in the ocean, beach towels tend to be nice to have, too. When you aren't using them to dry off after your latest foray into the sea, you can lounge on them and enjoy the sun or use them as picnic blankets if you bring some of your own food for lunch. Towels can also be useful if it's time to go and you're still a little wet from a recent dip or washing off the salt water at the end of the day. Lay one on the seat in your car to keep too much ocean from getting in your car. With such a multi-purpose item, you definitely need to bring it. Roll up a few beach towels and put them in your beach bag so you can break them out when you get where you're going.

Leave Some Space For...


You're probably wearing some kind of shoes or sandals to the beach. Shoes are helpful when you're walking across the parking lot or over a rocky part of the shoreline. Still, when you get to the water, you definitely want to take your shoes off and feel the sand between your toes! A barefoot walk along the coast is another delightful beach pastime. Save some space in your beach bag for your flip-flops, sandals, and water shoes when it's time to go shoeless.


Your face is one of the places your skin is the thinnest and, therefore, the most vulnerable to damage. Wearing a hat along with applying your sunscreen periodically is a great way to keep your face protected. However, you may want to get out and into the waves. If you don't have a place for your hat, you risk losing it in the water. This is where your beach bag comes in! If you have a flexible floppy women's hat, you can collapse it and pack it away. A baseball cap can usually fold a bit and be slipped in the side. Whichever hat you like, keep it found in your beach bag while you have fun in the ocean.

Beach Coverups

These are very handy for the non-beach aspects of your beach day. A beach coverup gives you something to wear while not in the water. If you wanted to walk the boardwalk and visit some of the nearby shops, you may want a little more coverage than just your bathing suit.

Likewise, if you decide to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant or have some drinks at a local beach bar, it might feel a little revealing to be in an establishment in your bathing suit alone. Beach coverups are here for you, whether you prefer a simple rash guard or a cute beach dress. Some beach coverups, like a swim shirt, can be worn in the water. Others not so much. Pack those that fall into the last category into your beach bag along with your hat while you're splashing about in the sea, and put them back on when you're ready to go about on land again.

These are some of the main things most beachgoers need for a long weekend away. Many beach bags are large enough that they will have a bit of space left, even for the extra things that are specific to you and your family. Maybe your family would like a game or something to play with while at the beach, like a frisbee or a beach ball. Perhaps a little bag for seashells that you find or a shovel to play in the sand and build a sandcastle. Now that you have the basics and some specifics pack your beach bag, throw on your bathing suit and have a great time at the beach!


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