What to Pack for Your Family Summer Vacation

What to Pack for Your Family Summer Vacation

Planning for a trip is always so exciting — packing for that trip, maybe not so much, especially when you have a whole family to pack for. What makes it more of a hassle is if you need to shop at different places to get what you need. Whether it’s a pair of swim trunks for your toddler for an upcoming beach trip or summer girl’s dresses for your little one to lounge around in, we’ve got every family member covered for all of your summer vacation needs.

A Day at the Beach or Pool

A day spent at the resort’s pool, the beach, or a water park is always a hit for parents and kids. To enjoy the day soaking up the sun and splashing in and out of the waves, the family is going to need stylish and comfortable swimsuits. 

Our girl’s two-piece swimsuits come with a bonus short- or long-sleeve top that she can wear over the bikini top or in place of it for those chilly winds or water temperatures. With features such as a rash guard and UPF 50, your little one is protected from those harmful UV rays as well as from any sensitivity that may cause rashes, chafing or scrapes. With these benefits, she’s sure to never want to leave the water.

If you’re looking for swimsuits for boys then we’ve got you more than covered. Our selection of swim trunks, swim tops and pullovers lets you mix and match to go along with his style. These pieces also come with the same added UPF 50 protection and rash guard, so he’s sure to be occupied for hours soaking up the sun and practicing his cannon balls. 

Moms, we’ve got you covered, too. No matter your size, comfort level and style, you’re sure to find something in our women’s swimsuit department. If you’re on the more modest end, our one-piece swimsuits hug you in all of the right places with the extra-firming Slender Tex® fabric. 

Our plus-size one-piece swimsuits are just as stylish and comfortable. The best part about one-piece swimsuits is that they can go with several pieces of cover-ups, from board shorts and denim skirts to any skirt, wrap or dress to throw over them. Swim dresses are designed to look like a dress similar to a cover-up but you can easily swim in them as well. 

Dads, you're also in luck because, with our selection of Men's Swim Trunks, you may just shop more than you planned for. Our men’s swim trunks, just as our boys’ versions, come with the same UPF 50 protection from the sun. They are chlorine-resistant which means their color will last longer. Because these are quick-dry, you don’t need to worry about changing. They also come with a coin pocket so you can take your hotel key, car keys or phone with you. Just don’t forget to place them somewhere safe before you hit the waves. 

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sun hats, sunglasses, swim shoes or sandals, and cover-ups. 

A Day of Sightseeing and Lounging

Whether it’s sightseeing on a tropical island or exploring a new city, discovering new places is always fun with kids as seeing their amazement is probably the best part. Because these days usually require a lot of walking, you’re going to want to dress in your most comfortable attire and shoes. Summer dresses for mom and daughter are also great to lounge in. 

A girl’s dress is perfect for summertime trips. You can easily pair with her favorite sandals and she’s ready to enjoy whatever the scenes the island brings. If it’s a trip around the city, she can pair with white comfortable sneakers to keep her comfy and stylish. If she’s more of a denim-and-top type of gal, Bermuda shorts with a top or athleisure wear are always great choices.

Cover up dresses are great for enjoying a day of lounging or sightseeing. If you’re planning on doing a lot of walking or running after an excited toddler, these dresses are perfect since you can wear sneakers with them. If you plan on lounging around more, you can wear your comfy sandals and still be as fashionable as ever. 

When choosing boy’s shirts and tops, make sure to pack the right colors and materials. Since dark colors absorb light more, they’ll most likely be uncomfortable in the heat all day. Try sticking with white or bright and neutral colors. The same goes for dad. Both should be wearing moisture-wicking material to keep them dry in sweaty heat especially if the day’s activity is going to work up a little sweat. When it comes to choosing bottoms, light cargo shorts or jersey shorts should be plenty comfy. Paired with their favorite slip-ons or sneakers and they’ll be ready for what the day brings. 


Don’t forget the family pajamas! Sleepshirts are easier to pack since they’re only one piece and won’t take up much room in the luggage. Because no one can anticipate the weather, you should always bring one pair for cooler weather in case the temperature decides to drop. Along with a warm pair of pajamas, you should also pack slippers and an extra pair of socks to sleep in. 

When packing, try to keep it as light as possible by picking lightweight materials and minimal outfit pieces. That way, you can pack an extra outfit or two while still keeping your luggage at the weight restriction to avoid any extra fees. If you have a special occasion to attend on your trip, make sure you pack everything you need for that day. And as always, prepare for the worst by packing an extra warm outfit and jacket in case a cold day decides to interrupt the festivities. Be sure to take lots of pictures, and have a fun and safe trip!

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