What to Pack for a Fall Road Trip

What to Pack for a Fall Road Trip

Autumn days can start cool, warm up to summer-like temperatures, and then drop again to a crisp evening as the sun sets—packing for a getaway in the fall can be tricky. Bringing along the right essentials makes your trip more seamless and allows you to enjoy the day without multiple outfit changes. Packing light and smart is critical to ensuring you are prepared for weather changes, the busy itinerary, and relaxing in the car and at the hotel.

Comfort in the Car

Hitting the road for a few hours requires comfort. But style is still of importance with the abundance of potential roadside stops. Traveling in a pair of leggings allows you to have both style and comfort. Leggings are a versatile option for packing light as they can be paired with an athletic top for a pitstop hike or a stylish tunic top for lunch in a local café. Leggings can also be paired with different tops for several days of wear without fear of too much repetition in photos from your trip—a sweater for cool days or even a flannel shirt for the essential fall look.

Packing different leggings can free up space in your luggage and ensure you are comfortable throughout the trip. Corduroy leggings provide a twist on the typical black legging, showcasing a more quintessential fall look. Patterned leggings provide a pop of color for a more casual but fun look.

Style and Warmth

An essential for any fall road trip is a denim jacket. Jean jackets provide an option that can be paired over a casual top such as a flannel shirt or a sweater and can also be a bit more dressy with a maxi dress. Choose from white to washed-lake blue to tie-dye to add some versatility to your look. A denim jacket provides warmth for those chilly evenings without sacrificing style by layering an old sweatshirt over a cute outfit.

Jean jackets are timeless and offer a versatile option for most outfits, but maybe your fall road trip requires a bit more warmth and a bit more sophistication. A fleece sweater blazer is a perfect option to be warm and chic. A comfy sweatshirt can be a simple and easy-to-pair option for quick and cozy warmth for a more casual look.

Pack Light, Add Accessories

Sometimes packing light is essential during a road trip, so bringing accessories to make one outfit look totally different can be a space saver. Fashion scarves can be both stylish and warm, adding color to any outfit. A sarong wrap can double as a scarf and a cover-up for the hotel hot tub. A shawl wrap can double as a pseudo jacket and blanket for the quick on-the-road nap before your turn to drive. A leather belt can also bring in a new color to an outfit or add a new look on the same jeans worn two days in a row. Bringing small items that add large changes to a look can leave more room for souvenirs to bring home.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Flannel

Most autumn trips warrant packing a flannel shirt. Pairing a flannel shirt with a pair of leggings, jeans, or corduroy pants can be a picture-worthy fall outfit. A flannel can be worn all day, from a casual hike to dinner out, fitting seamlessly into most road trip itineraries. The sleeves can be rolled up on a boyfriend fit or a flannel tunic top to allow for flexibility in style and temperatures throughout the day. Adding a sweater or that denim jacket you packed over the flannel can provide a new look to the same outfit.

Time to Unwind

Sitting by the fire after a long day is sometimes the best part of a fall vacation. Having pajama pants or sweatpants to change into after a busy day can be the perfect way to end the evening. From cotton shorts, flannel pajama pants, and elastic-waist sweatpants, there are plenty of options to allow you to feel comfy but cute as you unwind from a long drive or eventful day. These pant options can be paired with that comfy sweatshirt or a matching pajama top to complete the cozy outfit when hanging by the fire or lounging in the hotel.

Packing for a fall road trip can be challenging, as you’ll need to accommodate for weather, activities, and travel. As long as you pack the essentials and focus on comfort and style, you’ll ease the stress of what to bring and allow for more time to have fun (or relax!).


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