What to Bring to a Kids' Pool Party

What to Bring to a Kids' Pool Party

Nothing gets kids excited like a pool party, whether it's an indoor celebration or a day of fun in the sun. Don't forget to double-check your bag before grabbing your little ones and heading out, though! By packing smart, you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Swimwear Basics

It might sound obvious, but bathing suits for kids are a must for a pool party! Though you may be tempted to dress them in their underwear or an old shirt, cotton harbors germs that make the water unhygienic, and loose clothing fibers clog filtration systems. Make sure each kid has a comfortable, well-fitting bathing suit that lets them move freely.

Rash Guards

If you're heading to an outdoor pool party, remember to take swimwear with rash guards for kids. Made from UPF 50 material, they block 98% of UV rays, so your kids can have a good time without getting burned. Consider bringing one for yourself, too – they're cozy enough to wear on dry land if you're not going to jump in. Find women's swim tees in long sleeves or short. A Lands' End swim tunic with adjustable sides is a great option to wear with capris or shorts, if you have zero intentions of getting wet. But if you do jump in the water, no worries. Swim tees protect you even when they get wet.

Post-Pool Duds

Bring something for your kiddos to wear when they're done splashing around. A pair of chino shorts and a tee will keep your son happy, and your daughter can put on a swim dress cover-up in seconds. Snuggly cover-ups and hooded beach towels are also great for drying off, and they'll probably need fresh underpants, too.

Tasty Snacks

Help your children eat healthy by packing snacks. Chop fruit into pieces and put them on skewers for a nutritious nibble, or stuff sliced grapes, bananas and strawberries into waffle cones. Homemade juice pops will be devoured quickly on hot days; veggie sticks and ranch are always popular, and everyone loves hummus and pita bread.

Things For Mom

Don't forget to bring a few things for yourself! Protect your eyes from UV rays with a pair of sunglasses and keep your shoes from getting soaked by taking some sport sandals. Pack a bikini or one-piece swimsuit if you'll be diving in, and some toiletries for when you're getting ready to go home, like body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.

Baby Stuff

Take a few special things if you're bringing a baby to the party, including pool-friendly diapers. Some floating bath toys will keep them amused, and you'll need a bottle or some extra snacks, as playing in the water makes babies hungry. A soft blanket and hat will help them warm up when you're done.

A Few Extras

When filling your canvas tote bag before the party, throw in some towels and a wide-toothed comb for taming ratty hair. An extra change of clothes can come in handy, as will a watertight case for your phone. Goggles and inflatable pool toys are also great for keeping your kids occupied.


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