What to Bring on a Family Picnic

What to Bring on a Family Picnic

Eating outdoors on a pleasant day can be a refreshing break from the norm. When you go on a picnic, you can take along all your favorite foods and eat whenever you want. Packing a meal also saves you a lot of money if you are going as a large group. It offers you the flexibility to socialize and eat without having to rush out of a restaurant or wait a long time to be seated too. To make your family picnic the most fun and enjoyable experience, bring the typical essentials. The type of items your family needs will differ from others based on the ages of your children and your own personal preferences. For starters, here are the items that generally make a family picnic more enjoyable.

Insulated Lunchboxes

To give you the most flexibility on when and where you eat, keep your food fresh and at a safe temperature. When you put ice packs in insulated lunch boxes, you can bring anything with you — even items that need to stay refrigerated. The ice and insulation can keep these cold items fresh for hours. You can also keep drinks cold to make them taste better.

Perishable items like milk and cheese can also be taken along without worry when you have a cooler lunch box. Having perfect temperature control is good for your stress levels too. This feature allows you to take the time to find the right spot to eat instead of rushing to settle before the food gets too warm. Because lunchboxes can keep drinks cool too, you can enjoy crisp refreshments for hours — a nice thing to have if you plan on playing sports after the meal!

Waterproof Surfaces For Picnics on a Blanket

The ideal condition for a picnic is when the ground is completely dry, but sometimes it's not possible to have a picnic on completely arid surfaces. This is why it's important to prepare some type of barrier that blocks water from seeping through your picnic blanket. You can either use a tarp or plastic sheet and place it under your blanket of choice, such as an older duvet cover. This will block most of the water from the ground from coming into contact with you.

For the most peace of mind, select something that you won't be sad about getting dirty. Picnic blankets will get some dirt, food, and outdoor elements on them, so it's important to get one made out of materials like cotton or polyester, which are easy to clean. Another option is to sit at a picnic table pavilion that is typically available in public parks. Call ahead to see if you need to reserve any space like a picnic pavilion for a larger gathering. This ensures that you have somewhere to sit without worrying about getting your blankets wet.

Comfy Clothes That Wash Easily

When you spend some time outside, be prepared to encounter mess from dirt and sweat. That's why you should wear comfy clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. The best materials should be similar to that of your picnic blanket — made of natural materials and washable. Also, it's a fun family activity not only to eat at a picnic but also to play games like frisbee and football after the meal. This is your time to reconnect and spend quality time together. Don't let worrying about fancy clothes get in the way of your enjoyment of the day. Some choice favorites are cotton T-shirts, comfy summer shorts, leggings, and some old jeans. You may also prefer to wear activewear sets if you plan on being active for most of the day.

Accommodate Family Members

It's important that everyone is comfortable and having a great time at the family picnic. If you have family members who use a wheelchair, then you should consider picnicking in an area with wheelchair accessibility. If you have toddlers and babies, be sure to pack all the gear to make your day easy, such as diapers, high chairs, sippy cups, strollers, and a pack and play. You should also bring things to pass the time such as toys, games, and changes of clothes just in case things get messy.

By being the most prepared, you can have the best time possible at your next family picnic.


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