Plus Size Fall Coats for Women

What Plus-Size Coats Are Best for Fall

Pumpkin spice, amber-colored leaves, and the crunch sound they make when you step on them are just a few of many reasons people love fall. As sweater weather turns into coat weather, you may find yourself wondering what plus-size coat will keep you warm and dry as you head out the door. After all, fall weather can be unpredictable. A plus-size winter coat is often too warm for fall weather, and a regular sweater or flannel isn’t always enough to block the cool breeze. But with so many different types of coats on the market, you may be wondering what plus-size coats are best for fall. Here are our recommendations on which plus-size coats to consider for all types of fall weather.

A Plus-Size Coat You Can Layer

Here’s a question that often appears when plus-sized coats are discussed: should it be something you can layer? It’s an important question, as which size you ultimately select may determine whether it will chiefly be worn over plus-size turtleneck sweaters or flannel shirts alone, or whether it’s likely to be worn underneath another jacket like a windbreaker.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what style you prefer and what your intention is for wearing it. If you’re an outdoorsy person, you may enjoy fall hikes and want something that’s lightweight such as a packable down jacket that you can carry with you in a backpack. If you’re just in need of a plus-size coat to wear for running errands or walking the dog, you might want something that’s lightweight but also waterproof in case of any rain showers, like a parka. The added pockets are great for throwing your keys, wallet, and phone in.

Think of Both Fashion and Function

Ultimately, if you have to choose one plus-size coat, you’ll want one that is not only fashionable but also functional. So if you’re looking for a fall coat that looks professional, a long plus-size wool coat is perfect. You can leave it open on warmer days and bundle it up on chillier days.

In contrast, if you’re looking for a fall coat that’s comfortable and feels like a soft, warm hug, a plus-size fleece jacket is handy. Fleece is great because it’s so lightweight that you can wear it as a sweater, but it really keeps the chill away, so you can wear it all day without even needing a jacket on fair-weathered fall days.

But don’t think of it in utilitarian terms only. Plus-sized coats can also play a great role as an outfit addition. An item like a lightweight raincoat with a cinched belt or a long wool coat with a feminine flare shape is rightly considered statement pieces of their own, contributing just as much in stylistic terms as they do warmth and protection from the elements.

However, no matter how warm or statement-making any plus-size coat may be, its usefulness will be severely hampered if the comfort factor isn’t right. Remember that no factor matters quite as much in selecting the right article of clothing in the right size as comfort itself. It should never appear strained in the front, and the armhole and arm itself should not be so tight as to restrict upper body movement. To find the correct size, ensure that your natural movements don’t feel the least bit constrained. Test this proposition to the fullest by trying on the coat first as a second layer over the top, then again as a third layer over a plus-size sweater.

Picking a Coat for Fall

Fall is not a straight line of balmy afternoons and crisp evenings. As anyone who has experienced a single year of weather on planet earth can attest, the seasons can swing wildly in temperature and weather conditions from start to finish. Because of this, it can feel daunting to approach the next question: how do you find a plus-size coat that’s not too warm too soon?

Once again, the most important factor to consider is whether the plus-size coat can be worn as a second or third layer. That way you can feel comfortable selecting a coat that’s not too heavy and not too lightweight. For instance, a lightweight cotton jacket or fleece vest can be comfortably worn as a second layer against a women’s plus-size T-shirt during those sunny, opening days of fall. But it can also be layered over turtleneck sweaters and flannels when autumn's chill sets in.

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Family

Lands’ End plus-size coats are made for all members of the family. It’s likely that, if you need a new fall coat, your kids need a new one as well — especially considering how quickly kids go through clothing. Boys’ and girls’ plus size coats come in so many different styles and colors, they’re sure to find something they like. Our kids' fleece jackets, for example, are very popular for fall due to its breathability and lightweight, soft feel.

Wherever your style compass leads you, you’re sure to find a Lands’ End fall coat that’s perfect for you.


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