What to Pack for a Winter Getaway

What to Pack For a Winter Getaway

Are you ready to hit the ski slopes or jet set to an exclusive mountain resort? Winter getaways provide spectacular scenery and great adventures. While it’s easy to pack light for summer travel, winter travel is often associated with long down coats and bulky sweaters stuffed anywhere they can fit. But it is possible to pack cold weather clothes efficiently so that you are not rolling two checked bags into the terminal. How can you pack efficiently for a winter getaway? Here are some ideas for winter clothing that you can take to make the best vacation experience.

Save Space with Packable Down Coats

On road trips or while you’re 36,000 feet in the air, finding a storage solution for a coat is one of the top issues for winter travel. How can you pack it so that you don’t have to hold it in your lap for the entire ride? Packable down coats can fold into their internal pocket and transform into a convenient pouch that you can keep shut with a drawstring. Now, tucking your coat away during a flight is easy! During road trips, don’t struggle with limited visibility caused by a pile of coats in your trunk. Packable coats like these make trips a breeze and allow you to take more of the things you need — which is especially important for active families.

Stay Cozy in Warm Winter Boots

Your itinerary will take you to all sorts of interesting locations. Whether you have a scenic hike scheduled or a stroll around town to savor the holiday atmosphere, winter snow boots can take you there. Pick the styles that make sense with the occasion, ranging from rugged to dressy. Since packing shoes can take up considerable room, consider choosing a winter boot that can do double duty, like a rugged boot that also looks good in casual social settings. Toss in other footwear that won't take up as much room, like heels, loafers, and flats to diversify your wardrobe options.

Swimsuits Are For All Seasons

A winter getaway doesn’t always mean you’re going to a snow-capped log cabin. Many people see the month of January as their time to beat the chill and escape to the Caribbean. Many resort hotels also have heated indoor pools that just beg for the perfect bathing suit. If you haven't refreshed your swimsuit stock since the summer, this is a good chance to take out your pieces and see which ones make you feel confident. Think about what you like about your swimsuits but also write down any “wish list” items you have. For example, do you love your spotted tankini top but wish you had a swim skirt to match it? Now is the time to get these essential pieces before your trip begins.

Thermal Wear For Outdoor Sports

Many winter getaways embrace the cold weather through seasonal sports like skiing and snowboarding. Going to a resort where you can hit the slopes by day and enjoy hot cocoa and dining by night is certainly a vacation to remember. To make the most of this kind of trip, you need outerwear that is designed to handle the winds you face down the slopes at high speeds. You can find the special goggles, gloves, and sporting gear you need to stay warm at your favorite sporting store, but what you wear underneath also matters. When you wear thermal underwear, you will trap in body heat with an additional layer underneath your ski gear. These are also thin, silky, and lightweight to ensure high mobility during physically demanding activities.

Warm Accessories Add a Finishing Touch

Your feet take you many places, so treat them well. If your destination is outdoors in the winter, pack cold-weather accessories like socks that are designed to keep your feet toasty for extended periods. When paired with a sturdy set of boots, you’ll be ready for the trail or urban exploration without the need for frequent indoor retreats. Winter hats and gloves are also crucial, especially if your vacation destination consistently has temperatures that are below freezing. To pack efficiently, you can try and cut down on how many of these you bring with you.

If you select pieces that are neutral in color, like beige or black, you can wear them with any type of outerwear easily. To keep your gloves on during your time outside, pick a set that is compatible with touch screens. This gives you more freedom to take your vacation photos and stay in the loop without having to remove your gloves. For additional warmth, lock in more heat with a winter scarf. There are many cute wraps you can make with a traditional style long scarf, while an infinity scarf takes the guesswork out of getting in and out the door.

Hopefully, this gives you a few more ideas for cold weather clothes to take on your next trip. What would you like to take with you on your next winter getaway?


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