What Makes a Bath Towel Considered Luxury?

What Makes a Bath Towel Considered a Luxury?

Some luxury items aren’t necessary. But luxury bath towels? Now those are a household necessity!

But what makes a bath towel considered a luxury product? 

How It’s Made

How a bath towel is made determines its quality. To determine if it’s a luxury bath towel or not, you have to look at the fabric and construction used to make it. 

Most bath towels are made out of cotton or use a cotton blend. The most commonly used luxury fabrics are Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and Pima cotton. Egyptian and Turkish cotton both have extra-long fibers. This gives them that elegant soft touch and also makes them durable, breathable, and absorbent. The only difference between these two fabrics is that Egyptian cotton is a little more absorbent. Pima cotton, or Supima cotton towels as they are sometimes called by their brand name, are very similar to Egyptian cotton towels. They have long fibers, so they’re ultra-soft and absorbent. They come from the same plant as Egyptian cotton, but they’re just grown in the United States.

As far as the construction of bath towels goes, they’re either made with combed cotton or ring-spun cotton. Combed cotton towels are called this because they have been combed to remove any short fibers or impurities from the yarn. This construction process makes the fabric fluffy and extremely durable, however, sometimes they’re not as luxuriously soft to the touch as you’d want. Ring-spun cotton, on the other hand, twists short and long fibers together resulting in a fabric that’s smoother, finer, and softer.


When you get out of the shower do you wrap yourself in a scratchy bath towel? No! At least, we sure hope you don’t. When you step out of the shower, you should dry off with a soft, fluffy bath towel. You should feel as warm, comfortable, and relaxed as you felt in the shower or bathtub. 

Lightweight towels can feel scratchy almost as if you’re drying off with sandpaper. Medium-weight towels are pretty soft, but if you want to feel like you’re at the spa, then you want heavy towels. These are the ultra-plush towels that your dreams are made of!


You can’t know for sure how absorbent a bath towel is until you try it out. But there are two considerations that can help you know how absorbent a towel will be: weight and materials. Thin, lightweight towels can’t absorb as much water. Thick, heavy bath towels absorb more water. Bath towel sets made from Egyptian or Pima cotton and cotton-rayon blends typically are more absorbent as well.


Towels customarily weigh between 300-900 grams per square meter (GSM). Towels that weigh between 400-600 GSM are considered your standard, medium-weight bath towels. This is the weight range most bath and beach towels fall into. Towels that weigh more than 600 GSM are put in the luxury group because they are the most absorbent and plush towels. The higher the (GSM) number, the heavier the towel. This also means they take longer to dry and are more expensive, but those are the only drawbacks.

Towel Size

Have you ever stepped out of the shower and felt like you were using a hand towel instead of a bath towel to dry off with? It’s the worst! Along with a heavy, absorbent towel, you want a towel that completely wraps around your body. Standard bath towels typically measure 27-30 inches wide by 52-58 inches long. Bath sheets are bigger, and thus more luxurious, measuring about 35-45 inches wide by 60-70 inches long. It’s important to pay attention to what size towel you’re getting, especially if you’re shopping online since you can’t see and hold it up.


Bath towels are practical, but who says these linens can’t be practical and stylish? Not us! 

Not only should a luxury bath towel turn your mundane morning shower into a wonderful wakeup call or gently guide you off to dreamland after a long day, but it should also look as good as it feels. Luxury bath towels can make you feel like you’re staying at a lavish 5-star hotel. Obviously, you should go with a design that matches your style, but if you really want to achieve the look of luxury, we recommend buying white towel sets. Matching white bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths work with any bathroom and give it a fancy hotel-chic vibe. You can also use bath towels with stripes to give your bathroom a more modern luxury feel or you can go with monogrammed towels. Adding your initials to a towel is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom.

The right bath towels should make you feel pampered and turn your bathroom into a personal retreat. And that’s exactly what luxury bath towels can do for you.


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