Kids' Towels

Towels for Kids

Towels for Kids

Children appreciate a warm, fluffy towel just as much as adults. If it comes in the shape of their favorite animal or with a fun design then they are even more excited to use them. Whether they are pumped after a swimming lesson or tired after a busy day, getting dry should be as much fun as possible. Lands' End's range of bath towels for kids has been designed with this in mind. From a snuggly shark towel to a graphic beach towel for kids, there's something for every age group.

Having the right towel for any occasion is particularly important for active kids. From hooded bath towels designed with practicality in mind to beach towels that could double up as a blanket or a flag depending on the game, Lands End's collection of towels has everything you might need. They come in a variety of colors so you can find your child's favorite and they will always be pleased when bathtime comes around.

There are plenty of baby and toddler towels to choose from so that you can ensure your little ones are wrapped up warm as soon as bath time is over. These towels are perfect for little babies having a bath before bedtime. Towels from Lands' End are so soft and snuggly they make the transition from bathwater to comfy bed much easier. Personalized kids' towels are ideal for older children who still want something fun but need a more substantial towel to make sure they are comfortable as they get bigger.

Kids also have a keen sense of style. There are plenty of kids' bath towels for children who are growing up fast but still want something super-soft on their delicate skin. Our range of monogrammed children's towels will mean the end of arguments between children as kids can clearly see which one is theirs. They come in a range of beautiful colors with options to suit even the most sophisticated children. Shop Lands' End today for kids' towels that will make bath time fun time.