Kids' Towels

Personalized Towels for Kids

Personalized Towels for Kids

Kids’ Towels

Warm, plush, and downright adorable, kids’ towels take bath time to a whole new level. These playful styles are available in a variety of bright colors and fun patterns. You’ll find it all: beach towels for that upcoming vacation, bath towels for everyday use, and cute hooded towels to warm them right up after their bath or shower.

Our children’s towels are made with incredibly soft and highly absorbent cotton. They soak moisture right up, drying skin quickly and making life easier for parents too. They’re also perfectly sized for kids. Little ones will never feel overwhelmed by too much material or wish their towels were larger. Whether a cozy hooded towel or a spacious beach towel, these styles are perfect for wrapping up.

What’s more, we’ve made these child towels with their style preferences in mind. There’s nothing simple about these fun and feisty designs that are sure to make them smile—and might even make them look forward to bath time! From cute polka dots and rainbows to sharks and palm trees, there’s an eye-catching graphic pattern to appeal to any kid.

Children’s Towels

What sets our towels for kids apart? Think comfort—serious comfort. After all, that’s what kids expect after a warm shower or bath. Our bath towels for the littles don’t skimp where that’s concerned. You’ll feel the distinctive softness in the cotton terry fabric that’s perfectly crafted for longevity and durability. They’ll hold up beautifully from wash to wash and use to use, making it both a practical and an economical choice.

Even better, you can personalize these towels for an added touch that kids are sure to love. What’s better than a towel featuring their name? They’ll be proud to take ownership of something that’s very much their own and looks great at the same time, whether they’re using it at home or hanging out on the sand during the annual family vacation. Make it personal with a single letter, their initials, or a word. That’s also an easy way for your little ones to distinguish their own towel from those that belong to their siblings.

Speaking of the beach, a substantial towel is just as important as a comfortable swimsuit or pair of boys’ swim trunks. That’s why we’ve enhanced our beach towels with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50, which means it blocks up to 98% of potent ultraviolet rays. You and your child will both feel more confident in the sunshine.

Perfect for kids of all ages, these children's towels will make them smile every time—and keep them incredibly warm while drying their skin. Truly snuggly towels are a rarity! These check every box and make life so much more comfortable, whether your kids are breathing in the salty air by the sea or splashing around in the tub at home.