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Bathroom Hand Towels: Personalized & Decorative Hand Towels

Bathroom Hand Towels: Personalized & Decorative Hand Towels

If you're planning to buy a new hand towel, it's a good idea to get a monogrammed one. Such a towel is especially useful if you're sharing the same bathroom as other people because it helps prevent someone else from mistakenly using your towel. Adding a monogram to a towel is also a great way to add a touch of personalization and style. Lands' End has a vast selection of top-quality hand towels that can be customized with a monogram. Whether you're looking for monogrammed decorative hand towels or comfortable monogrammed towels, you'll certainly come across something that suits you perfectly on our website. Browse our store now to find out your options.

If you want to get a genuinely comfy personalized hand towel, our Supima cotton hand towel is a great option. As the top 3% of cotton crop produced in the United States, Supima cotton has super-fine and extra-long fibers, so you can expect this towel to be incredibly soft and smooth. Additionally, the fabric has been combed to make it silkier and more absorbent. You can use our customization service to make your own unique monogrammed hand towels.

Our Turkish spa bathroom hand towel is another option worth your consideration. This towel is made of rare Turkish cotton and features ring-spun yarn to deliver exceptional silkiness and strength. Thanks to its dense fabric and short pile, it absorbs moisture very well and helps you dry thoroughly and quickly. We offer this piece as part of our six-piece Turkish spa towel set, which includes bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. In addition, we have textured spa bathroom rugs that match perfectly with this set.

Besides being remarkably comfortable and attractive, our monogrammed towels are specially built to deliver optimal durability. With their resilient materials and solid construction, they're able to remain in great condition for a very long time despite frequent use and laundering. Therefore, you can be sure they'll be worth your investment. Shop at Lands' End today to catch the best deals on high-quality hand towels.