What Makes a Perfect Swimsuit?

What Makes a Perfect Swimsuit?

Before you embark on your tireless search to find the perfect swimsuit, we'd like to give you some advice: There is no such thing. There is, however, the perfect swimsuit for you. It’s just a matter of finding it. We can help you find it a bit more quickly. Here are a few things you will want to look for in your ideal swimsuit.

A Swimsuit That Offers a Flattering Fit For Your Body Type

Every woman’s body type is different. Because of this, there are things you can do to further enhance the unique beauty of your physique. One way, in particular, is by finding clothing items, including swimsuits, that show off your body type in a flattering matter.


A swimsuit that highlights the upper body is flattering on women with a pear-shaped figure. For example, pairing printed swimsuit tops with solid-colored bottoms is a way to draw more attention to the upper body while slimming the legs. Swimsuit styles like tankinis, one-pieces, and skirtinis all compliment a curvy body.

Short Torso

Swimsuits that elongate the body compliment women with a shorter torso. Something like a one-piece bathing suit with an asymmetrical print lengthens the women’s body. The same can be said for slimming swimsuits that are made with print patterns down the front, since this makes the body look even longer. Women with shorter torsos will want to focus on finding one-piece swimsuits that come with halters or high necks rather than strapless tops or two-piece bikinis, both of which will make appear even shorter.

Long Torso

Women with a longer torso look great in bright, two-piece swimsuits that create a smaller waist and shorter torso length. Both bikini and tankini styles are flattering for women with long torsos.


If you are shopping for the perfect plus-size swimsuit, there are a few different ways to find your favorite. When you want to emphasize your best features, wear bright colors. If you want to minimize certain areas, wear dark colors. To create the appearance of a long torso, look for a swimsuit that has a print pattern stretching across the body or from the bust to the hip.

Don't forget all the ways to get creative with your swimsuit look! Shop for brightly colored sarongs, swim dresses, and modest one-piece swimsuits. Swimsuits with ruffles that bunch together are also great features.

A Swimsuit That Makes You Feel Comfortable

The perfect swimsuit for you is not just one that makes you look good, but one that makes you feel comfortable and confident, too. You want it to be something you can wear for hours without it irritating your skin or feeling too restrictive. Although a swimsuit may look great online or on the rack, you’ll never know if it is great until you try it on. If you need a few new swimsuits this season, set aside some time to shop various pieces and try them on to get a sense of how they will look, but more importantly, how they will feel.

Even if you don’t have time to drive to the nearest retail store or outlet mall, you can buy some items online, have them shipped to you and try them on in the comfort of your own home. Pay attention to the different material types, fits, and styles of the swimsuits you try on. All of these factors will influence how the swimsuit feels on your body, whether you are lounging by the pool or splashing down into the water.

A Swimsuit That Matches Your Style

Aside from physical comfort, this is easily the most important thing to think about when finding the perfect swimsuit for you. There’s no point in buying a new swimsuit, no matter how stylish, trendy, or colorful, if it does not fit your personal taste. If you like more classic, traditional bathing suit styles, you may prefer a solid-colored one piece, like a vintage-style red or black swimsuit. If you like something tropical and fun, you might like a tankini with a lot of exotic floral patterns in bright colors.

With all of this said, the perfect swimsuit is not the most expensive or the trendiest one; it’s the swimsuit that comes in a style you love.


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