What Kind of Men’s Shorts Are in Style?

What Kind of Men’s Shorts are in Style?

Warm weather is a time for you to trade in your worn-in jeans and sweatpants for stylish shorts. Shorts are a great way to let your skin breathe while vacationing, barbecuing, and trekking through the cities. What are the best shorts for men? You have plenty of cool styles to choose from, including the ones we have listed below.

Work-to-Weekend Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are an easy choice for stylish, warm weather days. Brown and navy are classic color choices for chino shorts; however, you can get these staples in various colors, from baby blue to pink. Chino shorts are usually made of cotton twill fabric and feature multiple pockets. What makes chino shorts so cool is that you can dress them up for work in the summertime or down when getting drinks with friends during the weekend!

Any stylish man needs multiple pairs of chino shorts in their wardrobe. Dress them up with a button-down linen shirt, an unstructured blazer, a belt, and leather loafers for garden parties and other outdoor events or work. Or, wear your chino shorts with a T-shirt and sneakers for more casual events. Finish your looks off with designer shades for elevated style.

Barbecue Deck Shorts

What’s your barbecue and summer party style? Whatever it is, you should consider deck shorts. These shorts are both cool and comfortable. They give off casual vibes and can ease you through those family picnics by the lake or special dates at the farmer’s market. For ultimate comfort, choose deck shorts made of comfy stretch cotton twill fabric. Some styles may also feature an elasticized waistband with an adjustable draw cord and multiple pockets.

So, how should you style deck shorts? You have plenty of options when it comes to beating the heat while looking your best dressed in deck shorts. They look great with men’s T-shirts, polo shirts, and low-cut sneakers (with no-show socks). For cooler nights (or buildings), style a lightweight hoodie or jacket over your casual tops.

Vacation-Ready Printed Shorts

Step up your out-of-town looks with printed shorts. Wearing shorts with a fun print or pattern can really transform your fashion game! Designs perfect for the spring or summer include lobster, sailboat, anchor, nautical stripe, palm leaf, paisley, and check prints. Style these types of shorts with a solid T-shirt to keep all eyes on them. Or go bold from head to toe by wearing tops that also feature an eye-catching print or pattern.

Look for other vacation-ready accessories that will have you standing out while out of town, including bucket or fedora hats, trendy slides or flip-flops, designer sunglasses, or travel backpacks. Your on-the-go looks just got that much better!

Workout-Friendly Active Shorts

Switch up your workout gear once the weather heats up by wearing men’s athletic shorts rather than joggers. Choose shorts made of lightweight polyester and featuring mesh that will let your skin breathe. Shorts with odor control and moisture-wicking fabrication will keep you feeling fresh in hot weather. Plus, additional features such as an elasticized waistband and an adjustable draw cord will allow you to feel your most comfortable.

Active shorts can be worn in various places outside of the gym or for your run. Stylish shorts featuring contrast side stripes and well-known logos can be worn with other cool and casual apparel, accessories, and men’s shoes for a stylish way to run errands or hang out with family and friends. Wear your shorts with a graphic T-shirt, a baseball cap, and stylish sneakers at your next casual outdoor event.

Fashion-Forward Denim Shorts

If you love denim so much and don’t want to let it go once the weather increases, jean shorts will let you wear denim while still allowing your skin to breathe. Just like denim jeans, you have plenty of styles to choose from when choosing denim shorts to wear in the spring and summer. From ripped and destructed to solid denim shorts, wear the denim shorts that suit your personal tastes. Then, style them with a T-shirt (solid or graphic) or rolled-up linen or chambray shirt and sneakers.

Volley Swim Trunks

Keep things classic during your next visit to the pool, lake, or ocean. Volley men’s swim trunks are classic-styled swimwear for men. They are a staple you must own for the summertime (make sure to pack a pair before heading to your next vacation). Superior volley swim shorts feature a mesh liner, multiple pockets, a quick-drying fabrication, and a draw cord. For protection against harmful sun rays, make sure your swim trunks provide UPF 50 protection. Finish off your swim-ready looks with the right accessories. If you are heading to the beach, pack a stylish beach towel and flip-flops in a canvas tote bag. For kicking back by the pool or lake, you can get away with wearing a T-shirt and sneakers.

Men have plenty of cool short styles to choose from to help them beat the heat. You’re free, of course, to continue wearing your favorite pants and jeans, but there’s nothing like letting your skin breathe under the hot sun. Pick the right pair of shorts for the occasion—whether you are heading off to the resort or the beach with your family and friends. Make sure the shorts you choose let you feel and look your best!

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