Women's jeans

What jeans are best for my body?

There's nothing like slipping into your favorite pair of jeans. The right jeans can be dressed up or down, and will make you feel cool, confident and even a little sexy. Finding a pair you love can be hard though, but knowing what's good for your body type reduces the guess work. I outlined a few tips to help get you started, but here's the truth: it all comes down to the right fit. Take your measurements. Shop for jeans with stretch. Consider the leg shape you like best. Once you nail the fit, your favorite jeans will go everywhere with you. Ready to get started?

Long torso? Keep your eyes on high-rise jeans.

Low-waisted jeans can exacerbate the appearance of a long torso and throw your proportions out of balance. Instead, opt for high waisted jeans that rest above your hips and reach almost to your navel. Unique details, like ripped knees or ankle cuffs, draw the eye away from your middle as well.

Pear-shaped figure? Try curvy-fit jeans or anything with a boot cut.

Bootcut jeans are gorgeous on pear-shaped women, especially those who have a petite upper body, large hips and a full bum. Bootcut jeans even out a rounder figure. Dark washes are also flattering, so try something in deep blue, black or even purple. Avoid anything with whiskers stretching across the hips, which have a broadening effect. Curvy-fit jeans are made with a little extra stretch, which is essential in nailing the fit. A great fitting pair of curvy fit jeans allows you to rock any leg shape you want – curvy fit skinny, curvy fit bootcut, curvy fit straight leg – the sky is the limit.

Small seat? High rise skinny jeans are a treat.

The world is obsessed with big bottoms, but if you're lacking in the booty department, you can fake it with the right denim. High-rise skinny jeans create the illusion of curves, and anything with embellished back pockets also gives you a welcome boost. Fading and sanding along the rear creates the illusion of volume, too.

Short and sweet? Give wide leg or flared styles a try.

Avoid cropped styles if you have shorter legs, as they can make you seem even smaller. Jeans that reach to the ankle, or a little lower, make you look longer, especially if they're a dark color. You can also carry off wide-leg jeans, but have them hemmed so that they barely brush the floor when you're wearing shoes.

Lots of leg? Let's get straight to the chase.

Tall women can carry off many different looks, though you'll need jeans with extended inseams if you want total coverage. Don't be afraid of cropped straight leg jeans, though. While they can make petite gals appear stubby, they'll compliment your long, beautiful gams.

Tiny torso? Low rise or mid-rise jeans are your go-to.

Jeans that rest lower on the waist are ideal for short torsos, whether they're flared, skinny or wide-legged. High-rise cuts can overwhelm your midsection, so choose hip-hugging jeans that have an elongating effect, like a pair of mid-rise jeans. If you want tummy control and extra warmth though, something with a high-rise will still look great if worn with a longer, untucked shirt.

Super stretchy jeans make any style your style.

Remember that women's jeans with a little spandex are gorgeous on almost any body type. They'll easily accommodate ample thighs and hips, and are also nice if you have a soft stomach or rounder derriere. Stretchy jeans are better at keeping their shape between washes too, so they won't go baggy in the knees after a single wear.

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