Best jeans for curvy women

What jeans are best for curvy women?

Jeans are great for showing off your curves. Quality women's jeans hug your figure and bring out the best in your shape. And there's an added bonus – jeans can be incredibly comfortable and they go with almost anything, whether it's a chunky sweater, a vintage tee, or a smart blazer. Keep your favorite pair in great shape by washing them inside-out, and consider letting them air dry to avoid the wear and tear caused by the dryer.

What is a curvy body type?

There's no single definition of 'curvy' out there, but one of the most popular conceptions is that of a woman with full hips, a shapely derriere, an ample bosom, and a smaller waist. This is commonly known as an hourglass figure, though many plus-size gals are also thought of as delightfully curvy. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian for a few examples of this luscious body type.

What jeans are best for curvy ladies?

There is no one-size-fits-all jean that will instantly make everyone look amazing. This is going to vary greatly from lady to lady. Everyone’s body is beautiful and unique, even if jeans are often not super unique. Here are a few types of jeans to get you started:

  • High-waisted
  • Curvy-fit
  • Straight-leg
  • Bootcut
  • Skinnies

What are curvy-fit jeans?

Curvy-fit jeans can vary greatly from one brand to the next. However, most curvy jeans provide some extra room in the hips, bum, and thighs. Some pairs even have a special waistband designed to prevent gapping, which can easily happen if you have a full bum and a little waist. Often, curvy jeans are made with a touch of stretch, which helps them hug your gorgeous build instead of fighting against it.

Which kinds of jeans work best for an hourglass figure?

High-waisted jeans are perfect for showing off your midsection and they're less likely to gap, too. Straight-leg jeans balance out wider hips and can even make you appear taller; bootcut and flare leg styles have a similar effect. If you have a very full bust, jeans with wide legs can help even out your proportions as well.

If I’m curvy, can I wear skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans look amazing on curvy gals, so don't hesitate to stock your wardrobe with a few pairs. Look for ones made with a little elastane, spandex, or Lycra, which ensures stretchiness and comfort. If you want something to make you look slimmer, try dark wash jeans. Wearing pumps or boots with a heel along with your skinnies creates the illusion of height. And if you're worried about muffin top (which happens to almost everyone) hide any problem areas with a long, loose shirt.

How can I hide my mom pooch?

First of all, you should love your body and all the amazing things it has done! If you’re looking to be more comfortable in your own skin, and you need a pair of jeans that helps with that, we’ve got you, though. The best kind of jeans to help flatten or smooth out your tummy are high-waisted jeans. The high waist creates the illusion that you have longer legs and will make you look a little taller which helps. The high waist also helps you with a little bit of tummy control. This will vary greatly from person to person, though. So, make sure you try on the jeans you’re thinking of getting and make sure they have the effect you’re looking for before making final purchases.

Can jeans be comfy?

Yes! They absolutely can. Make sure you’re paying close attention to the fit when you’re standing up and sitting down. Not everyone tries jeans on and moves around, but that’s critical to making sure your jeans are comfy. Also, pay attention to the cut and jean type. Sometimes skinny jeans might be too tight, but you love the boot-cut jeans because they’re not as tight around your legs. Try on all the different styles and cuts for the best fit for your body. You can also get jeans that have more stretch to them, if you don’t like a skin-tight fit. 

Did you know that not all jeans button at the top? That’s right! Some jeans have an elastic waistband. This can be more comfortable and stretchy than the alternatives.

Why does my size change from brand to brand?

This is a tricky question and it’s pretty frustrating as you’re trying jeans on. You might be an 8 in one brand’s jeans and a 10 in another. This comes down to the types of materials in the jeans as well as the cuts. Also, measurements might be slightly different between different brands of jeans. So, if you’re unsure, go to the store to physically try on your jeans before buying them. If your favorite brand only sells jeans online, order several pairs in different sizes and colors to try at home. Also, pay close attention to the size charts on their websites. Make sure you have your own measurements to compare them to. However, before you buy a bunch of jeans in different sizes, make sure you research the brand’s return policy so you can get a full refund if you aren’t loving the jeans or fit. There’s nothing worse than buying a bunch of jeans that don’t make you feel great and not being able to return them.

Some special tips

Having your clothing tailored can make a huge difference in how it fits, looks, and feels. If you can't find anything that works for your figure, don't blame yourself! Instead, visit a professional who can hem your jeans or let out a skirt. Avoid teeny-tiny purses and choose a medium-size bag instead; carrying something too small can make you look larger by comparison. Jackets that emphasize your waist are very flattering, so try a belted trench or a nipped blazer.

No matter what jeans you decide to get, just know that if they make you feel amazing, that’s what matters.

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