What Women's Jackets Are in This Season?

What Women’s Jackets Are in This Season?

As winter gets closer to its icy descent, we’re testing our winter parkas out in the freezer section at the grocery store. We’re going for simplicity, a classic feel, and something that will introduce the underlying style rather than announce it. While wool is a trusted and sure look, we all know Mother Nature to be much crueler than a couture designer during Fashion Week. Lands’ End has the hope-instilling best women’s winter coats for those hopeless blizzards.

The Solid Squall Coat

You’re going in and out of the winter conditions and need something as versatile as you are. The Squall parka is more than enough. This jacket was designed by people who have lived through many Wisconsin winters, so you can bet it will withstand freezing rain, lake-effect snow, blistering wind chill, the 100-yard dashes across slushy parking lots, and the judgment of Karen. Keep an eye out when she puts the peacoat away for a long down coat. You’ll know when you’re one step ahead.

Dress up your solid Squall parka look by pairing it with a long plaid skirt and high-heeled boots. You’ll look smart in a pair of jeans and a cardigan sweater underneath your Squall. Break the rules and wear white pants this winter. Have a little fun and top it all off with a fedora. If you’re looking for other winter accessories, try chunky scarfs to keep you warm and looking stylish. Hats and women's winter scarves pair well with any of our warm winter coats for added warmth and style.

The Warm and Stylish Down Coat

When it comes to down winter coats, this insulator won’t let you down. It’s warm, it’s lightweight, and it will be the first thing you grab when you check the highs and lows throughout the winter. Plus, if a rogue snowball hits you, the fluff of the down absorbs the impact, and soon you will be an invincible captain on the battle for sled hill.

A down bomber-style jacket will keep the chill behind you as you breeze through the countryside with chains on your tires and the top-down like the fighter pilot you always wanted to be. Both this and the windproof, waterproof shell of the Expedition Bomber will lead you through the storm, sharp as an ice skate … pilot’s license sold separately.

Look effortlessly chic in a mix of black and white. Try a white cropped sweater and black knee-high boots. A wide brim hat will not only protect you from the elements but also add a hint of style. With any of our winter coats, but especially the warm and stylish down coat, there’s no better statement than one in red. Stay cozy with a tartan scarf and matching handbag in red.

The Light and Portable Packable Jacket

The ultra-light down packable jackets may be one of those essential jackets for women missing from your closet. It goes great with a cup of coffee or tea as the kids head out in their Squall parkas to school. Whether it’s a nice break into 40-degree weather or the winter unleashes its worst, this will be there, wrapping its sweet little arms around you. Bonus deal: You can keep it in your tote for a little extra warmth on the go, and it layers super easily under a longer coat, too.

For the cool-weather months, a gray turtleneck, skinny jeans, and brown suede boots can be completed with one of our packable jackets. It’s the perfect look for women on the go who need to stay warm and keep it moving without all the fuss of layering up under a huge parka.

The All-Encompassing Long Down Coat

The bum-covering long down coats, like a Stadium Squall or long down coat, are smart options to have. When you’re at a football game wondering who convinced you to sit on a metal bench for three hours when it’s barely two degrees outside, you’ll be glad you have this one. For your ideal everyday winter look, you’ll love a knit sweater, boyfriend jeans, and white sneakers. Also, try wearing black skinny jeans and a knit beanie for a classic winter look underneath your long down coat. If you love the knit beanie look, be sure to check out all of our winter hats.

Black skinny jeans also pair well with pointed-toe leather boots. If you’re still stuck on what to wear with gray, try a black leather jacket and white T-shirt underneath a gray long down coat. Don’t forget about long heavy knit sweaters, leggings, and sneakers. The sweater, leggings, and sneakers combo is a great idea for when you need to run out the door with your long down coat.

Lands’ End winter jackets for women can be best for those rainy days till the sleet turns to snow, thanks to the waterproof and weatherproof features. You may be slipping all over the driveway, but you’re still out there shoveling all the goodness of winter.


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