What is the Best Backpack for Everyday Use?

What is the Best Backpack for Everyday Use?

It seems that everyone needs a backpack. While we’ve always associated backpacks with attending school and backpacks for kids, these accessories have become a staple that anyone can use. Backpacks let you conveniently wear everything you need on your back and keep your hands free for other activities and tasks. Comfortable, versatile, and practical, it’s no wonder that backpacks have come full swing back into style and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Not just for kids anymore, backpacks are useful for just about everyone.

For the nature buff, business person, fashionista, parent, or student, a backpack can come in handy every day. Depending on how you see yourself spending most of your time, you may have different requirements for the best backpack for your everyday use. Read on to find the best backpack for however you spend your day.

The Business Backpack

Backpacks are now business-appropriate. The modern businessperson doesn’t have to wear a suit and carry a briefcase to conduct business, with a few exceptions, like lawyers and bankers. Especially after more than a year of working from home, you can expect professional accessories to be more relaxed as people head back into the office. This means you can trade-in your briefcase for a backpack. With comfort and functionality as the priorities, many people are now using backpacks for their daily work commutes. Stay hands-free on the go so you can grab a coffee, answer the phone, or hold onto the railing on the train. Use for the office, then also use on the weekends for day trips, travel, or just going to the market.

Choose a laptop backpack with a compartment for your laptop or tablet and at least a few good pockets for important items such as thumb drives, pens, business cards, and your planner. You’ll find loads of room to tote around anything else you may need such as an extra sweater or your gym clothes so you can go straight to your after-work workout. While your business backpack is probably work-appropriate, you can find many business backpack styles that are made specifically for those who need to look a certain way in the office. Choose neutral colors, sleek designs, and sophistication all around when choosing which business backpack is best for your job.

Outdoor Backpack

The outdoor pack is great for anyone who loves a good outdoor adventure. Unlike the business backpack, this one is made to survive alongside you in the wild. Designed with technology to make it ultra-light to fit perfectly to your body, with added straps for extra support, pockets for water bottles, and perhaps with weatherproof features, the outdoor backpack is a must-have for anyone who loves spending time outside.

Whether you’re on the trails or at the shop, an outdoor backpack also is made for everyday use. Often with enough space to hold anything you need and a good amount of support to make carrying it around effortless, an outdoor backpack will definitely become a favorite. It's ideal for carrying around all your mountain gear and packable jackets, or simply your shopping and the book you’re reading. If the great outdoors is your thing, then an outdoor backpack will serve you well every day and everywhere.

School Backpack

School is the most traditional place to wear a backpack. And it makes sense, as many students need to carry their books, homework, and other materials to and from school every day. Also, certain levels of education mean you can expect to be carrying around your backpack from class to class. Everyday backpacks for school children, teens, or college students will all be slightly different, but the overall common ground is they should be spacious, comfortable, and match the kid’s personal style. College backpacks would do well to have a slot for carrying a laptop or tablet to class for note-taking. Kids' backpacks are usually best when they’re lightweight and have a fun color or design that gets your kiddos excited to go to school every morning.

Streetwear Backpack

If you’re more of an out-on-the-town kind of person, then a stylish streetwear backpack is going to be the best everyday fit for you. Since backpacks have come into vogue full swing, you should easily be able to find backpacks that are not just practical, but also stylish, fashionable, and interesting. Choose from such a wide variety of designs, shapes, colors, styles, materials, and sizes that you may find you need more than one to suit all your styling needs.

Choose something chic and summery such as a canvas backpack with leather straps and buckles. This old school look, like so many others, is all the rage. For evenings choose a leather or pleather backpack for a sleeker and chicer look. Opt for a simple and neutral-looking backpack that can take you from day to night. Whatever you choose, it’s going to get lots of everyday use.

No more throwing your back out with a bag that hangs heavily off of one shoulder—a good ole’ backpack is just what you need to carry everything you need all day. Make it extra special and absolutely you by picking a monogrammed backpack with your initials. Whatever you choose, the stylish streetwear backpack is still going to be comfortable, practical, and functional for everyday use.

Backpacks are universal, but they’re also personal. Knowing your needs and lifestyle will help you find just the right everyday backpack for you.


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