What Is Summer Solstice, and How Can I Celebrate It?

What Is Summer Solstice, and How Can I Celebrate It?

In technical terms, the Summer Solstice is the day on which the sun is highest in the sky. Typically occurring between June 20 and June 22, this day contains the most actual daylight in the calendar year, featuring the earliest sunrise and the latest sunset times. Historically the Summer Solstice has been celebrated by a variety of cultures all over the world with festivals or religious rituals.

Today, the Summer Solstice is generally seen as the beginning of the Summer season, ushering in all the fun that comes with warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Landsend.com has everything you need to celebrate in style—check out our top Solstice activities the whole fam will love.

Take a Sunrise Picnic

While you might not be an early morning riser on any other day, waking up to catch the Summer Solstice sunrise is the quintessential way to mark the occasion. Adding a picnic sweetens the deal—but we definitely recommend preparing your meal ahead of time! Looking for a bit of romance? Pack a basket or canvas tote bag with a few slices of homemade quiche, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a thermos of iced coffee. Head to your favorite outdoor spot, like an elevated hiking trail or public park, to soak up the sunrise with your significant other.

If you’re including your little ones, pack their school lunchboxes with kid-friendly breakfast items like dry cereal, granola bars, fresh fruit, and juice boxes. Bring along sketchpads and crayons so your kiddos can capture the sunrise—and you can savor that iced brew. For a fun squad picnic, make it a potluck—encourage each of your friends to contribute a dish to share, like fruit cups, mini muffins, and drinks.

Walk-in Nature

Summer Solstice is a happy and optimistic time, especially in climates that experience cold winters; it’s a day to appreciate warm weather and the natural beauty that marks the season. So lace up your sneakers, throw on your athletic gear, and hit the trail! Stick to your own thoughts if you prefer, or invite friends to up the social factor. And don’t forget your furry friends—dogs never turn down walks with their favorite humans.

Splash Into Summer

Whether you hit the city pool, the beach, the lake, or the backyard sprinkler, nothing says “summer is here” quite like a day in the water. Kayaking or canoeing can be a fun way to throw in a little exercise. Or, gather up your friends and rent a pontoon boat for a more relaxing water adventure (don’t forget the cooler of snacks and cold drinks!). No matter what you choose, be sure to rock the perfect swimsuit. From one-pieces to bikinis to swim skirts and dresses, we’ve got all the latest looks in swimwear, including varieties with built-in UPF Protection.

With its roots in boating supplies and clothing, Lands’ End delivers high-quality styles that are time-tested and built to last. Prepare for a day in the water with beach towels, cover-ups, and water shoes. Classic flannel shirts and cozy sweaters will come in handy as the sun sets.

Find a Yoga Class

Honor the sun with Sun Salutations! This basic yoga move is taken to the next level during the Summer Solstice, with many yoga studios offering a 108 Sun Salutations Challenge. Why 108? In traditional yoga cultures, 108 is a sacred number, and the repetitive nature of this challenge allows for a more intentional and meditative experience. You can build up to 108, of course—if you’re completely new to yoga we don’t recommend going in cold. You can also create your own flow at home with as many Salutations as you feel comfortable doing. Wear your favorite women’s yoga pants to stay comfy during your practice.

Fire Up the Grill

Wrap up the longest day of the year with a cookout that’s full of the flavors of summer. Kabobs are an excellent option to combine all sorts of fresh veggies, meats, and even fruits. Bell peppers, onions, green and yellow zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, baby portabella mushrooms, and fresh pineapple make tasty kabob ingredients. Summer herbs like dill and basil can add flair to side dishes like cucumber and potato salads, while mint instantly upgrades iced tea and cocktails. Um, mojitos anyone? End your dinner with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries served over ice cream. Taking advantage of seasonal foods and herbs is healthy, sustainable, and fun—encourage the whole family to help prepare a Solstice meal so that everyone can feel connected to summer’s bounty.

However you choose to celebrate the Summer Solstice, be mindful and appreciative. Summer is a time for outdoor fun and adventures, a time to relax with family and friends. Usher in a new season with a few new activities that are sure to bring a smile.


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