5 Tips to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

5 Tips to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe

The simplest things make the most impact. And that is the essence of minimalist style. Minimalism in fashion has been popular for some time now. But with all trends leaning towards a more “less is more” lifestyle, minimalism has taken on an even stronger presence in the fashion world. Minimalism is a style that is timeless, versatile, and can be worn everywhere and anywhere—thinking about going minimal? Here’s all you need to know and some pro tips on how to build a minimalist wardrobe.

What Is Minimalist Style?

A combination of simplicity and practicality is part of what makes minimalism so popular. Minimalism embraces simplicity, ditching unnecessary embellishments, and enjoying clothes in their purest form by sticking to the tailoring and purpose.

Minimalism lifestyle in fashion also means having a minimal amount of clothes in your wardrobe that suits your needs and brings you joy. Replace tired and worn-out fast fashion fads with pieces that are made to last for a fresh and sleek look and feel. Minimalist style serves as a timeless source of inspiration when it comes to wardrobes and fashion. Minimalism takes away the flashiness and clutter while sticking to ease and elegance. Think neutral palettes, sleek designs, and easy-on-the-eye visuals. Elegantly unfussy and forever chic, minimalism is a fashion style that loves to keep things simple without ever being boring. If you’re looking to welcome minimalism into your lifestyle and fashion style, then we have some tips for building your minimalist wardrobe.

Clear Out Clutter

Nothing squashes your minimalism as clutter does. The first step to building a minimalist wardrobe is to clear out the clutter. Minimalism isn’t just an aesthetic; it’s a lifestyle and an approach to maintaining your wardrobe and style. All those fast fashion fads and impulse buys that are sitting in the back of your closet need to go to fully embrace your inner minimalist. Fashion fads also tend to be eye-catching and statement-making — meaning they don’t embody the ease, purity, and simplicity that minimalism celebrates. Steer clear of maximalist or unnecessary pieces and get down to the necessities. Donate or give away clothes that don’t suit your needs or tastes anymore. This will also make space to add pieces you really vibe with to your wardrobe. For example, swap out super distressed or ripped jeans, which are not very minimalist at all, for a pair of sleek women’s jeans that will never go out of style.

Stick to Classics

When going minimalist, stick to the classics. Classic cuts and styles will almost always offer sleek, sophisticated, and simple designs that you can wear forever. Since minimalism loves easy elegance, classics are a great way to get that look without even trying. For example, a simple black dress makes the perfect minimalist piece that’s also classic and timeless. Choose pieces that you can see yourself wearing for years that are versatile across time and occasion. A good blazer is a minimalist and classic piece that can serve you for many occasions for years to come.

Quality Over Quantity

Minimalism means consistently incorporating your pieces into your daily outfits. This implies that your clothing should be able to withstand many wears and washes. When building your minimalist wardrobe, be sure to choose quality over quantity whenever you can. This will ensure you have less of the transient stuff and more of the good stuff. High-quality and well-made clothing will last you for years. While good clothing tends to be more pricey, you make up for it by buying less clothing and not needing to replace standard pieces every year. For example, a high-quality women’s cashmere sweater is a stylish, timeless, and minimalist-inspired investment that will serve you well for years to come. Synthetic substitutes tend to wear down faster and not give you the same luxurious look cashmere does.

Think Versatility

One of the coolest things about minimalism is that it’s classic and versatile. The person wearing them could be anyone, and they could be anywhere. Minimalist pieces are perfect for wearing for a variety of different occasions or to different places. When building your minimalist wardrobe, you want to select pieces that can be dressed up or down and can serve you in many different settings. For example, a high-quality white linen t-shirt can be worn anywhere from a day at the beach with a pair of women’s shorts to the office tucked into a pair of high-waisted slacks and a blazer. Minimalist pieces are practical, purposeful, and functional without compromising on style.

Avoid Embellishment

Embellishments on clothing are sort of anti-minimalist. To create an amazing minimalist wardrobe, avoid amassing a closet full of clothing pieces that are bright, bold, colorful, dazzling, glittering, complicated, or eye-catching. Minimalism doesn’t rely on embellishments such as loud patterns and colors, rips, heavy sequins, and glitter to make a statement. Instead, minimalism uses the purity and tailoring of a piece to let the garment speak for itself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate sparkles or bold colors, but it does mean that your clothing and styling should be anchored in simplicity and easy on the eye.

Minimalism as a lifestyle and fashion statement encourages us to invest in the clothing we love instead of accumulating the clothing we like.


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