What Is Grandmacore?

What Is Grandmacore?

There are a lot of different fashion styles. Grandmacore is an adorable and arguably lesser-known fashion style that can inform other areas of your life, like home decor and activities. Gransdmacore is related to Cottagecore in that both are styles that romanticize the past and have a very nostalgic feel to them. Grandmacore is unique in that it takes comfort a step further and focuses on the grandma stereotypes. Let's check out the different elements of the Grandmacore style and see if we can discover an answer to the question "What is Grandmacore?"

Classic Grandmacore Features

Matching Colors

While grandma definitely was flexible, a fun feature of her style was matching colors. I mean, having a purple dress with a purple cardigan and purple shoes just makes sense! Go with grandma on this one and vary different shades of the same color in an outfit. That way, you can take advantage of the advice of your elders and create some awesome combinations.


This palette is just so grandma. Soft, natural hues and pastels highlight grandma's warm, gentle nature. She wears them and is surrounded by them. Sometimes they all match as we mentioned. Sometimes grandma shook things up. If you want to bring Grandmacore into your life, cover your wall with wallpaper in true grandma fashion. Remember to pick different patterns for different rooms⁠—maybe even different pastel colors⁠—and make sure there are flowers in the patterns. And speaking of flowers...


Grandma loves to grow things. Her garden is always in order, veggies and herbs are always available, and there are always flowers in the house, whether real or fake. Flowers made their way onto the wallpaper and onto grandma's clothes. The delicate floral patterns in grandma's dresses and the larger flowers embroidered on outerwear pieces, so we know we have to have some in our wardrobes.

Knit, Knit, Knit!

What's another very grandmotherly thing to do in your spare time? Knit socks, sweaters, and scarves for your loved ones, of course! Break out some knitting needles, or go out and buy some, and see if you can master a pattern or two. Since you're knitting, it makes sense to wear some of your own creations. Knit women's sweaters and button-up cardigan sweaters are very Grandmacore. If you are a knitting beginner, you may want to start off buying your knitwear. If knitting is a breeze for you, step it up with lace or doily-making! If you want to live boldly, add a bit of that lace to your neckline or embroider some simple flowers on your fuzzy wool sweater.

High Necklines

Grandma's clothes are going to be modest and demure. Leave the plunging v-necks for another style and stick with higher necklines. Women's crewneck tops are good for grandma (just not too tight). Peter Pan collars and other collared shirts also fit with the style.⁠ Turtlenecks are also great for keeping grandma warm. Maybe you can unbutton the top button on your collared shirt if it gets a little toasty...

Long, Flowy Skirts

Below the knee, please! Grandma's clothes leave her free to work on the farm or walk a few miles to church. Our grandmas made it through the Great Depression with grit and style. Get in the grandma spirit with your own loose and long dress or skirt. While you may not need to walk as far, this style should still leave you free enough to move around your kitchen and bake some of those cookies everyone always looks forward to. Make your house smell of cookies and nostalgia while wearing your flowy grandma skirt.

Sensible Shoes and House Slippers

No heels for grandma. She likes women's socks or nylons because her feet get cold quickly, and she prefers comfortable flats that she can slip on and off easily. They're good for walking longer distances, too. If she has some yard work to do, she might also wear some tough work boots. Then, when she isn't out, grandma slips her socked feet into warm and comfy house slippers as she relaxes in her cushioned rocking chair and warms up with her teapot and a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Simple Jewelry...Usually

Grandma liked to be understated most of the time. Small pearl earrings and a simple locket on a thin golden chain would work for grandma. For some grandmas, that may have been all they had. However, if you poke into grandma's jewelry case, you might also find a gorgeous pearl necklace. Grandma might even wear some larger glitzier earrings at a church potluck. You choose the kind of grandma you want to be.

Trends come and go, but grandma is forever. Enjoy exploring your inner grandma with Grandmacore!


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