Ways to wear fleece

What are some ways to wear fleece?

When the cool weather rolls in and the leaves start falling, you might find yourself missing those warm, sunny days. Don't despair, though! Autumn and winter are the seasons for snuggling up in fleece as you enjoy hot cocoa, walks in the woods and festive celebrations with family and friends. And there are so many ways to wear fleece that you'll wonder how you could ever live without it.

Saying goodbye to summer

There's always that tricky time at the end of summer. The days can be hot, but the nights cool. And often, it's too chilly to go without a coat, but something heavy will feel suffocating. Enter the fleece jacket! It's cozy enough for sitting by the lake after sundown or running errands on a windy day. But if you get too warm, you can just wear it unzipped or fold it up and stash it in your backpack until you need it.

Stay snug indoors

Does your house get a little cold? Maybe you're trying to save money by keeping the thermostat on low, it doesn't warm up until the fire is roaring or your den is always chilly no matter what you do. Toss on a fleece and you'll be nice and comfy. Since fleece isn't bulky or heavy, you won't feel like you're wearing a big winter coat indoors, but it will keep you toasty nonetheless.

Add another layer

If you live somewhere rainy, a waterproof shell is a must. However, many waterproof coats are thin, as they're designed to keep you dry and not much else. Instead of shivering, wear a fleece vest underneath. It will keep your core warm and trap body heat, so you can get on with your day in comfort. And since fleece is fairly thin, you'll still be able to zip up your outermost layer and move freely.

Experiment with accessories

There's no reason to stop with a fleece coat! Slip on some fleece gloves to shield your hands from the icy weather – if they have EZ Touch fingertips, you can even text with them on. A fleece wrapped around your neck will prevent heat from escaping, though you can also use it like a shawl when relaxing on the sofa with a book. A fleece hat will keep your ears nice and snug, but look for one with an anti-static finish to prevent a bad hair day. During a snowstorm, wear a gaiter that you can pull up over your mouth and nose to protect them from the elements.

Try a top

Though fleece is commonly associated with outerwear, cozy fleece shirts are perfect for frosty days. If your office feels like a refrigerator, try a black fleece turtleneck that reaches down to your hips – it will look totally professional, but you'll feel like you're curled up in a blanket. On the weekend, wear a funnel-neck fleece top with leggings; you can slip your hands in the roomy pockets and enjoy how the moisture-wicking fabric keeps you fresh and dry.

You can't go wrong with a cardi

Staying stylish in winter can seem hard – an itchy wool sweater is hardly couture, after all – but it's easy when you have a fleece waterfall cardigan. The elegant draped silhouette makes it the perfect match for dresses or a tee and skirt. You can also wear it over a top (including an extra-warm turtleneck) along with your skinny jeans and leather boots.

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