Women's Fleece Clothing

Women's Fleece

Women's Fleece

Autumn is nearing and you know what that means—new clothing to embrace the cooler weather. Browse our collection of women’s fleece clothing to find the pieces you need to stay cozy, whether exploring an apple orchard, carving pumpkins outdoors, or relaxing in front of the fire. Whatever you’re looking for, our fleece selection is here to keep you comfy.

Lands’ End fleece collection is ultra soft, anti-static, and pill-resistant, which means it is constructed for longevity. For extra warmth, our Women’s Marinac Fleece Jacket offers a windproof and water-resistant membrane between layers, making it perfect for the coldest weather. Practical features like a standup collar, dropped hem and durable construction make it ideal for those days when you just have to keep warm!

Whether you’re looking for leggings, sweatpants, or women’s sweatshirts, we have the fleece you want for optimum coziness! Layer your fleece with a long down coat for women including our warmest down coats , to keep yourself extra toasty. Wear your fleece sweater or top with a pair of women's bootcut jeans or women's corduroy pants.

Lands' End Women's Fleece Clothing Line

Below we will explore the different fleece products that Lands' End offers. We go above and beyond when it comes to your comfort. 

  • Women’s Fleece Jackets - Perfect for changing weather, you will love our zip-up fleece jackets. They are cozy, warm, and the ideal solution for any type of weather. 
  • Women’s Fleece Robes - Who doesn’t love to step out of the shower into a warm and comfy robe that is lined with fleece? Our fleece robes will have you wanting to lounge all day long. 
  • Women’s Fleece Shirts - Fleece tops are the perfect layering point. This allows you to stay warm while giving you the option to pull off a layer to a cooler top. We have a large variety of fleece-lined shirts and tops.  
  • Women’s Fleece Lined Blazer - Just because you want to look smart does not mean that you have to be cold. Our fleece-lined blazers are the perfect solution for businesswomen who want to keep warm. 
  • Women’s Fleece Pullover - Whether you are going for a cozy day in or a casual day out, our fleece pullovers are the perfect solution. These tops allow you to layer without the bulk but with loads of warmth. 
  • Women’s Fleece Slippers - Do your feet get cold easily? Ditch your old house shoes and opt for our fleece slippers. They are designed for comfort, warmth, and durability. 
  • Women’s Fleece Lined Sweatpants - If you work outside or have a job where the weather elements highly affect you, then you will want to opt for the warmest clothing. Fleece-lined sweatpants are a great option and will keep you warm all day long. 
  • Women’s Fleece Turtleneck - Turtlenecks are timeless pieces that never seem to go out of style. They are designed for warmth and our fleece-lined turtlenecks will do the job.  
  • Women’s Fleece Lined shorts - If you like to work out, then you know the power behind fleece-lined shorts. Who says you have to wear pants to keep warm? 
  • Women’s Fleece Earmuffs - Earmuffs are the sort of product you only wear when there is extremely cold weather. So, why not choose one of the warmest materials for your ear ware? You’ll love how comfortable our fleece earmuffs are. 
  • Women’s Fleece Headband - Times have changed and some people prefer fleece headbands over earmuffs. We have you covered with our trendy fleece headbands. 
  • Women’s Fleece Vest - Vests are not just a trend, they are a fashion statement here to stay! If you have never tried layering with a vest, now is your chance. Grab one of our fleece vests and stay cozy and warm when layering this fall and winter
  • Women’s Fleece Beanies - Beanies are comfortable and fashionable. Shop our line now and grab one before the cold weather hits. We have a variety of fleece beanies and hats for you to choose from. 
  • Fleece Mittens - No one likes to have cold hands! That will not be an issue with our fleece mittens! 
  • Women’s Fleece Gaiter - Fleece gaiters are a great option for those who do not like wearing turtlenecks or scarves. These gaiters allow you to quickly take them on and off. 
  • Women’s Fleece Socks - Why not make your feet toasty warm all day long with our fleece socks? Your feet will thank you! 
  • Women’s Fleece Gloves - Fleece Gloves are popular because they are not only warm but easy to clean! 
  • Women’s Fleece Scarf - For an extra layer of warmth, don’t forget your fleece scarf

Fleece for Women: Frequently Ask Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. This will help you shop our large line of fleece products for women. 

What are the benefits of fleece material? 

Fleece material can trap body heat and sustain warmth. Fleece is also very soft and cozy. Allowing you the comfort that you are seeking on a chilly day. Other benefits include being breathable, durable, lightweight, moisture resistant, and providing insulation. 

What is fleece made of? 

Fleece is made from polyester. This man-made material contains petroleum products, which can be produced with recycled plastic. 

Is fleece waterproof? 

Fleece is not waterproof, but it is water resistant. The denser the fleece is the more moisture it will deter. However, it should not be mistaken as waterproof. 

Is fleece vegan?

Fleece is a synthetically made material and contains no wool. So, if you are looking for an animal-friendly material, fleece is a good one. 

How is fleece classified?

Fleece is classified by its weight. Below we will discuss the different weights and what they are suitable for.

  • Ultralight Fleece - Perfect for a chilly summer evening. 
  • Lightweight Fleece - A great option when the weather starts changing. 
  • Mid-weight Fleece - Great for everyday use or use as a mid-layer point.
  • Heavyweight Fleece - Perfect for the coldest conditions. This is the warmest type of fleece. 

Continue Shopping Our Line of Fleece

We have a large line of products made from fleece that will keep you cozy all year long. You can also visit our plus size fleece selection. If you have questions when shopping do not hesitate to reach out to us.