5 Things That Should Be On Your Weekend Trip Packing List

5 Things That Should Be On Your Weekend Trip Packing List

Packing for a weekend getaway is decidedly different than packing for a week-long vacation. You don’t need nearly as many outfits, for starters, which also means that you can get away with carrying a slightly smaller bag — or at least fewer of them. If you’re making big plans to escape for some much-needed downtime, here’s what to pack for a weekend trip.


No matter what the time of year might be, it’s always smart to pack at least one great layering piece in your bag. An effortless women’s cardigans is a great choice that you can wear year-round. Look for one that resonates best with seasonal conditions. In the spring and summer, you don’t need a heavy-duty variety that only weighs you down. But you also don’t want something so light that it barely does anything.

Flyaway cardigans, or those without buttons or other closing features, are great for warmer weather. You can simply throw them on over your tee, tank, or dress and go. If it’s cooler outside, try one that has buttons to lock in body heat and stay more comfortable when the winds pick up. Look for styles that offer a little wiggle room; you’ll likely be on the move, and you don’t want to deal with restrictive fits.


A few easy summer dresses are essential to your wardrobe when it heats up outside. The right styles will keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re exploring the area on foot or going to dinner in the hotel restaurant. It’s helpful to have some idea of your itinerary beforehand so that you can pack accordingly for the occasion.

If you’re packing for a cool-weather weekend excursion, opt for styles that will undoubtedly keep you warmer while you’re traveling. Something with long sleeves is always great, as are warmer materials that you can layer beneath cardigans or jackets. You can also always add a scarf if you need that additional layer for comfort.


It’s always important to pack with versatility in mind. The fewer garments that you need to pack, the better it will be overall. You won’t have to think about factors like lugging around heavy bags or planning multiple outfits. One way to accomplish that with ease is to pack at least one or two pairs of leggings. They’re appropriate to wear in just about any capacity, whether you’re headed to the hotel gym for a quick workout, using your off time to explore the city, or just hanging out in your room enjoying a little rest and relaxation.

If you do plan to work out, however, it’s a good idea to bring along at least a couple of pairs. A black pair is great for mixing and matching with all kinds of pieces, from oversized cardigans to airy tunics to short dresses. You can easily make those leggings a core part of your weekend wardrobe just by packing a variety of different options to wear on top. Leggins are a must-have on your weekend trip packing list, don't leave home without them!


If you’re a denim devotee, you know it could very well be next to impossible to enjoy an entire weekend getaway without your favorite pair of trusty women’s jeans along for the journey. Make sure that you prioritize your comfort — now isn’t the time to experiment with something you’ve never worn before. Focus on things like silhouette and cut so that you’re always comfortable.

Make sure you pack a variety of appropriate tops to pair with your jeans, too. If you’re more of a casual sort, a few comfortable T-shirts or tunic tops are ideal. If you have something more polished in mind, or you’re meeting friends for lunch or dinner, you might bring along a pretty blouse that you can easily wear with your jeans.


Of course, you also need a solid selection of tops, including T-shirts and women’s blouses, to fill the gaps when you aren’t wearing dresses or just prefer to wear skirts, pants, or leggings. The beauty is that they don’t take up too much space inside your bag, so you can easily add a few different styles to the mix and create several different outfits.

Again, think about what’s on your agenda. If you’re planning to go out for lunch or dinner, or simply prefer not to dress too casually, then a blouse is a great choice that you can pair with jeans to dress them up just a touch, or with a skirt, if you prefer a more elegant look from top to bottom. If you’re going to be working out, make sure you have a great moisture-wicking shirt to keep you fresh and dry when you break a sweat. If you want to work out in the sunshine instead of the hotel gym, make sure that the fabric contains an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). Paired with sunscreen, you’ll effectively protect your skin from potent ultraviolet rays.

Pack What You Need

It’s better to pack well for a getaway — but you don’t need to overpack just because something might come up. Make sure that you have practical items for every possibility, so you’ll be prepared no matter what your much-deserved break might bring.


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