Are Wedges or Heels Best to Wear With Summer Dresses in 2023?

Are Wedges or Heels Best to Wear With Summer Dresses in 2023?

Warm weather suddenly opens up all kinds of possibilities for your social life. There are barbecues to attend, shopping expeditions to embark on, vacations to plan, and fun trends to try. Summer gives you a great excuse to get all dressed up in your balmy-day best! And, naturally, summer dresses are among the most comfortable and practical pieces to wear throughout the season. They’ll help you stay cool when the mercury shoots up, all without sacrificing even a hint of style.

They’re available in an array of colors, prints, and lengths, so you can easily find the dress that’s just right for you. Once you’ve chosen it, though, you have one extra decision to make: wedges or heels? Both have their advantages, and all add a little something special to your look. But what’s the right choice? It depends on a few factors, from what’s on your schedule for the day to your comfort levels. Here are some ideas to help you simplify your dress-and-shoe combos throughout summer.

Everyday Chic

A comfortable summer dress is a core part of your everyday wardrobe during the warmest months of the year. Just as essential as a casual top or a pair of yoga shorts, dresses are among the most versatile pieces out there. You can rock a breezy dress when you’re out running errands, grabbing an impromptu coffee with friends, or enjoying some much-needed downtime as you stroll solo through the neighborhood.

For those casual looks, a pair of low-profile wedges are a great option. They elevate your height just slightly and look great with everything from fit-and-flare dresses to maxi dresses for women. They’re also easier on your feet if you plan to walk around for more than small stretches at a time. If you have something special on your itinerary, like a work meeting or a date, then a pair of heels is a fitting choice.

Going Out

Summer is prime time for parties and family reunions. Before you know it, the schedule is filled with pool parties, ladies' nights out, birthday celebrations, and happy hours. You’ve got a lot going on, so it’s smart to have a few different outfit options on hand. While your airy dress might be essential when it’s hot outside, a rare cooler day might call for something like a pair of chic wide-leg women’s jeans. Can you dress those up? Absolutely, especially when you rock them with a pair of heels and a stylish top.

When deciding between heels and wedges for a special occasion, think about the setting. A night out at a glam restaurant definitely calls for a pair of heels with that summery dress. Wedges, though, look great if you’re meeting up for drinks or headed to a backyard party. Don’t be afraid to go with a higher wedge in these situations. They tend to look a little dressier and are perfect for pairing with shorter and midi-length styles.

Vacation Wear

There are few fashion events more exciting than finding the perfect dress to wear on vacation. Airy cotton sundresses add color to your looks and keep you cool when you’re strolling the boardwalk, exploring new cities, or even lounging by the pool while keeping an eye on the kids as they splash each other.

When you’re wearing beach dresses, a pair of wedges is perfect—you can show off that tropical pedicure with every step. But you may want to spare some room in your suitcase for a pair of heels, too. Dinner at the high-end hotel restaurant might call for something a little more pulled together, or you may just want to wear heels if you’re feeling more in the mood for something dressy. Naturally, that’s only if you have room in your bag! For the average summer vacation, relaxed dresses, loungewear, and sandals are perfect.

On Trend

Summer is also a great time to experiment with different dress trends, and 2023 has plenty of opportunities if you’re feeling adventurous. A bold dress featuring a brazen pattern or a bright color feels fresh and celebratory, and it’s perfect if you’re ready to make the most of every minute of your time outside. Soaking up the sunshine has never felt so good. Old-school florals ripped from the pages of a 1970s fashion magazine, crocheted knits, and square necklines are all easy enough to pull off on your favorite jersey dresses during the season.

But heels or wedges? That’s entirely up to the occasion. A pair of trendy lace-up wedges adds serious length to your silhouette and looks chic with short and midi lengths. Strappy low-profile heels dress up belted shirt dresses and let you show off that pedicure with ease. Try them with wrap dresses at the office, too.

No matter what your preferred shoe style, you’ve got options where your dresses are concerned. Short, long, bright, neutral—it’s all there, and there’s a great pair of wedges or heels ready to complete the look perfectly.


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