12 Wedding Rules for Ceremony Guests

12 Wedding Rules for Ceremony Guests

Though each wedding varies, there are general rules wedding guests should follow that’ll allow for the best experience for everyone. You might be familiar with some common rules, such as avoiding wearing a white women’s dress. However, especially if you’re on the younger end of things, you might not be familiar with other sometimes unspoken rules. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with our list of must-know wedding rules for ceremony guests.


One of the most respectful acts you can take concerning any event is to RSVP on time—especially for weddings. So much thought and planning go into planning a wedding and choosing who to invite. The bride and groom thought about inviting you to their special day. Therefore, ensure you RSVP efficiently. This also helps with seating arrangements and additional wedding planning.

Don’t Have Kids at an Adults-Only Wedding

Don’t we just love photos of girls wearing stylish girls’ dresses and boys in suits? Kids can really make a wedding more adorable. However, sometimes, people opt for an adults-only wedding. There may be plenty of reasons why, but that’s not for you to find out. Don’t ask for exceptions. Keep the kiddos with someone you trust and enjoy the wedding day (or night).

Arrive Early

By arriving early, you’ll avoid encounters with the wedding party. However, avoid arriving too early while setting up is still happening. Plus, arriving early will allow you to tidy up in the bathroom and get situated without rushing.

Obey the Dress Code

Who wears skinny jeans to a wedding? There are obvious choices to avoid for wedding ceremonies. However, there’s more to dressing for a wedding than donning your favorite little black dress.

The dress code for a wedding is usually provided beforehand, and it’s vital to ensure that you dress appropriately. Also, there’s more to a dress code than what’s included on the wedding website. Consider the season, too. It might be odd to wear a linen suit meant for spring or summer weather to a winter wedding.

Switch Off Your Phone

Our phones might as well be attached to our bodies. We’re hardly ever without them—especially when outside of the house. However, try to keep your phone silent during the wedding ceremony. Also, if you plan on taking photos, turn the flash off. Finally, try not to check your phone, either. Try to focus your attention on the bride and groom on their special day.

Attend Both the Wedding and Reception

Most people naturally attend both the wedding and the reception. However, some might be tempted for one reason or another to miss either the wedding ceremony or the reception. Try to plan to attend both. Again, so much thought goes into the planning, such as food, drinks, favors, and so much more. Even if you don’t stay the entire time, make an appearance at the reception out of respect.

Sit at Your Assigned Spot

The bride and groom take time to plan out seating arrangements. They consider life stages, personalities, and other factors. Therefore, stick to wherever they’ve placed you. If you encounter unfamiliar faces at your table, introduce yourself and try to have a good time. You never know if you’ll make new friends!

Don’t Complain About the Food

People spend $4000, on average, on wedding catering in the United States. That’s a lot! The bride and groom more than likely taste drive to pick the best options. Therefore, even if you’re not enjoying the grub, you can still avoid making too much noise about your displeasure.

Don’t Hog the Bride, Groom, or DJ

You best believe so many people want to spend time with the happy couple. However, they have plenty of people to speak to and would want time together. Graciously greet the couple. But don’t take up too much of their time. Besides, there are plenty of other people who might enjoy your company. This rule also applies to the DJ. Yes, you could probably request a song or two. However, try not to hog the DJ. Other people more than likely will have requests, too. Plus, the bride and groom might create a playlist for the DJ.

Send a Wedding Gift

Sending a wedding gift is a must. Better yet, try your best to send a gift from the couple’s wedding registry—from decorative hand towels to plants. Plus, having a list just makes it easier for guests to select something appropriate. Ensure you have the correct address and send away!

Don’t Make It About Yourself

The wedding is for the bride and groom, and you’re there to celebrate this significant day. Sure, you’ll make memories. However, avoid attempting to steal their spotlight by making it about yourself. There are plenty of ways you can do this, such as proposing to someone or making a huge announcement. You have plenty of other days for such announcements, so why choose someone else’s wedding day?

Have Fun!

The best rule of all is to have a good time! This is a time to celebrate an important milestone of someone you love. Twirl away in your long dress on the dance floor. Participate in any fun activities. Take plenty of photos. And ensure you’re the best wedding guest you can be!


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