Wedding Guest Outfits for Kids

Wedding Guest Outfits for Kids

Weddings are a great time to gather with family and friends, meet new family and friends (ideally also boogie down with someone’s great aunt on the dance floor at some point!), and celebrate the happy couple with sweet speeches and champagne toasts. Yes, weddings are a special time for many reasons, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re also an opportunity to bust out our finest formal wear. After all, how often are we in the presence of a professional photographer, our wedding day looks memorialized forever in photo albums and social media posts? And we’re not the only ones who should look our absolute best as wedding guests?—this is true for kiddos, too.

While not every wedding is a kid-friendly wedding, we personally think children make some of the best wedding guests. They bring lots of laughs and adorable dance moves, and it’s also oh-so-cute to see them all dressed up in their fanciest’ fits. There’s something about that bowtie on one child and those lace gloves on another that totally makes up for the fact that neither will be contributing anything from the wedding registry.

So, if you’re bringing your children along to witness their very first nuptials, or you’re looking to upgrade your bigger kids’ wedding attire for the upcoming wedding season, here are some wedding guest outfit ideas for kids that’ll look great and hopefully, that they’ll actually want to wear.

A Special Occasion Skirt and a Polo Shirt

If you’re looking for a wedding guest outfit for kids that’s as easy as it is cute, look no further than a dressy skirt and a crisp polo shirt. This simple and truly timeless combo is perfect for summer or spring weddings, but you can always add a light jacket layer to this look for fall or winter weddings.

Start with a girls’ skirt that you know she’ll look and feel her best in. You can choose a simple one in a classic shade like khaki or navy, with dressy design elements like pleats or an a-line cut. You can also go all out with a ruffled tutu-style skirt for the budding fashionista on the guest list. Pair any skirt with a peter pan collar girls’ polo shirt, and she’ll be wedding-ready.

Don’t forget to finish this look with some cute accessories, like a chunky headband and a pair of mary-janes or dressy sandals, depending on the weather.

Snazzy Dress Pants and a Button-Down Dress Shirt

When it comes to wedding-ready kids’ clothes, a pair of dress slacks and a crisp button-down shirt are always a great bet.

The key here is to pick dress pants and a button-down shirt that looks snazzy on your child without being uncomfortable or feeling too stuffy. Just like to rest of us (and, of course, a bit more so) kids will want to jump around on the dance floor after the ceremony. Plus, during the ceremony, having them in comfier clothes will likely lead to less fidgeting.

So, opt for a pair of boys’ black dress pants, classic khaki chinos, or navy easy-care slacks with design elements like an elastic waist a blended and itch-free fabric. Pair these comfy yet dressy pants with a boys’ dress shirt, like a long sleeve oxford dress shirt with a crisp collar and a comfy cotton blend material.

Add some dress shoes and either a tie or bowtie to this look, and voila! You’ve got a classic wedding guest look that’ll look adorable and one your child will be wearing to weddings for decades to come, just in bigger sizes as the years go on!

A Fancy Dress and A Cardigan Sweater

Just as many of us rock our fanciest dresses for weddings, dresses for girls make an excellent option for the younger generation of wedding guests.

Pick a dress that’s cute, polished, and well dressy but still comfortable for the same reasons we mentioned above. A girls’ tie-front dress in a floral print with long, billowy sleeves, or a nice short-sleeve ponté knit dress in a classic solid shade like black or navy. If you go with a short-sleeve dress, pair it with a girls’ cardigan, so she can layer up while still looking dressed for the occasion!

All you need to complete this look is a pair of tights for a fall or winter wedding, a cute headband or her other favorite special occasion accessories, and a pair of girls’ ballet flats to tie it all together.

From the ceremony to the reception to stealing the show on the dance floor, these classic wedding guest outfits for kids are a guaranteed win-win. While they’ll look and feel dressy enough for the occasion, they also won’t have to sacrifice any comfort or flexibility. Now, get ready for lots of cute photo ops?—we hope you and yours have a blast!


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