A Guide to Wearing Women's Pajama Pants in the Winter

A Guide to Wearing Women's Pajama Pants in the Winter

Winter is the best season for wearing women’s pajama pants, especially when you choose a fabric such as brushed flannel or plush fleece. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right pair of pajama pants for you, as well as how and where to wear them.

Flannel or Fleece?

When shopping for winter pajamas, you’ll find flannel and fleece styles from which to choose. These fabrics are similar because they’re both soft and warm, but there are some differences you should know about. Flannel pajama pants are made from brushed cotton, which is a lightweight yet warm material. Cotton is a breathable material, so it’s a good choice if you tend to get hot easily.

Fleece pajama pants are crafted from polyester for softness and durability. They’re a bit thicker and plusher than cotton flannel pajamas. Both flannel and fleece are machine-washable, and both types of pajama pants come in an array of colors and prints. There are sets for a perfectly coordinated look, along with separates that let you mix and match tops and bottoms.

When it comes to deciding between fleece and flannel pajamas, one type isn’t better than the other. Both have their benefits, so it’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Pajama Pant Features to Look For

Whether you choose flannel or fleece pajama pants, you’ll want to look for certain features. Choose pajama pants with an elastic waist for stretchy comfort. A drawstring is a good feature because it provides an adjustable fit for optimal comfort.

If you’re opting for fleece pjs, look for anti-static fabric that resists pilling. That way, you can lounge all day without the discomfort of static electricity or those pesky fabric balls that mar the look of your loungewear.

Some fleece and flannel pajama bottoms have pockets, which not only let you keep your hands warm, but also let you carry small items. Piping at the side seams is a detail you may appreciate to add a more polished look to your comfy outfit.

How to Wear Women’s Pajama Pants

Pajama pants aren’t just for sleeping. You can wear them all day to stay warm and comfortable, especially if you plan to lounge around the house. They’re an excellent choice for working at home because you’ll never feel constricted or uncomfortable, and they come in colors and prints to keep you looking stylish. Pair a printed pant—such as plaid or polka-dot—with a solid top for a cute, coordinated style.

You can pair your pajama pants with a matching button-front pajama top, or change things up with a contrasting top. Fleece and flannel pants coordinate well with cotton women’s T-shirts with short or long sleeves. You can also wear them with a tank top, or wear a tank and button-front flannel pj top together for a layered look.

Flannel robes are excellent for layering over pajamas. If you’re chilly in the morning, slip a flannel robe over your pajamas for more warmth. Flannel robes come in colors and prints to match your pajamas, and some even have a Sherpa lining for cuddly comfort.

When it comes to footwear, there’s nothing better to pair with pajama pants than cozy slippers. You’ll find flannel-lined slippers and those with Sherpa lining. They pair well with Sherpa-lined robes or even comfy hoodies with a Sherpa lining. Some of the slippers are sturdy enough to wear outside to get the mail, and have durable, slip-resistant soles.

Can I Wear Pajama Pants Outside of the House

Women’s loungewear isn’t just for indoors. You can wear fleece or flannel women’s pajama pants outside on mild winter days; for example, you could wear a pair while you’re sitting on the porch enjoying a cup of coffee. If you need to pop into the store for a few items, there’s no need to slip into your favorite women's jeans. Wear your pajama pants with a long-sleeve tee, and top the outfit off with a long coat for warmth and coverage. There aren’t any fashion rules when it comes to wearing pajama pants, so use your judgment and wear them when and where you feel comfortable.

Holiday Pajamas for Women

If you’re looking for a style to wear for the holidays, you can’t go wrong with flannel pajamas in a traditional plaid print. In addition to flannel pajama pants, if you want something cooler, look for pajama shorts. You’ll also find flannel sleep shirts for relaxed comfort. Matching family pajamas are a festive fashion choice for the holidays because they’re comfortable and can be worn for a casual family photo.

The most important thing when shopping for pajama pants is to select a pair that makes you feel most comfortable. Shop around to find pj bottoms and tops to keep you warm and comfortable all winter.


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