Thinking of Incorporating Metallics Into Your Wardrobe? Here’s What to Know

Thinking of Incorporating Metallics Into Your Wardrobe? Here’s What to Know

Ah, the glitz, the glamour, the sheer pizzazz of it all! There’s nothing like a little metallic shine to bring your wardrobe to life. Sure, there’s room in every closet for the tried-and-true T-shirts, the effortless knit dresses, and the reliable winter coats. But you need some excitement in the mix to really keep things interesting, fun, and fashionable.

Fashion and fun go hand in hand. Dressing well is an opportunity to express yourself, and with a hint of metallic color in the mix, you can go all out and make a statement that’s all your own. But what’s really the best way to wear something so all-out dazzling without looking like a disco ball? It’s possible — even during the day. Here’s how to rock your favorite metallic pieces like a complete style pro.

Keep It Simple

Unless you explicitly want to wear something that turns heads as soon as you enter the room or cross the street, it’s best to keep your metallics to a minimum. A little goes a long way, as the old saying goes, and that’s especially true when you wear something so outwardly bold, shiny, and fearless. Shades of gold, silver, and bronze are utterly glamorous, which means they’ll always stand out even if you choose something understated. A sleek clutch paired with one of your dependable women’s dresses in black is always a chic choice.

It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it’s date night with your special someone or a rare night out with your girlfriends. You could even toss it into your work tote on the day of the office holiday party, then grab it when it’s time to head to the venue. This simple swap instantly dresses up even the most understated of workplace outfits, helping you feel a little more polished and ready for the occasion in the process.

Try Something Unexpected

Of course, being fearless also means embracing experimentation — and that’s where trying new things comes in useful. In the fashion world, there are a few pieces that are just plain staples. The sturdy tote bag. There’s the ubiquitous little black dress. The everyday women’s cardigan. The crisp trench coat. But what if you swapped your staple for a metallic substitute? It’s an instant game-changer and outfit maker — and you won’t believe how easy it is to elevate your everyday look.

Could you really wear, say, a gold trench in lieu of the ever-trustworthy tan model you’ve sported for years? Definitely, as long as everything else that you wear with it doesn’t compete with the coat. Wearing simple, understated pieces with one metallic focal point helps bring it all together, creating a sense of cohesiveness and unity that seems thoughtfully arranged instead of haphazardly put together. And you’ll love how simply you can shake up your usual looks with something a little flashy and fun.

Create Some Balance

You can nearly always find a good excuse to incorporate a metallic garment into your wardrobe. A shiny women’s blouse peeking out beneath your blazer or cardigan adds a little visual intrigue to your corporate attire. A glitzy tee makes a great alternative to the usual white top you typically pair with your favorite worn-in jeans.

The key to all of these outfits is balance. Staying streamlined is what it’s all about, as this helps draw attention to the metallic piece yet still remains true to your original intent. So if you need to stick with a specific dress code at work, you can convey that corporate spirit while still adding your own personal flair to the outfit. If you want to dress down but still look polished, swapping the usual tee for one with a little shine accomplishes that goal easily.

Add Some Color

While you may be tempted to pair your metallic piece with something neutral — who doesn’t love the way a glam gold top looks with a sleek black midi skirt or pencil skirt? — that’s not the only option that you have. Pairing your shine with some color is an easy way to amplify your look without going overboard.

It’s also a fun way to make your metallic clothes and accessories appear more festive. Pair your dazzling silver top, for example, with a red fit and flare skirt for the upcoming holiday party. Wear your wide-leg silver pants that are just perfect for party season with a jewel-tone top. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous and have some fun with your look when the occasion specifically calls for it.

The beauty of metallics is that they’re incredibly versatile. There’s no limit to your options — you can stick with a subtle gunmetal or a gutsy gold. Either way, you’ll make a fresh, modern statement that instantly brings your look up to date.


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