7 Work Clothes That Feel as Comfy as Pajamas

7 Work Clothes Looks That Feel as Comfy as Pajamas

Do you ever wake up wearing the most comfy pajamas but feel sad because you have to change out of them? Is your professional wardrobe full of good-looking pieces that are unfortunately not suited for long-term wear? What if there were work clothes that could feel almost as good as your favorite lounge pants? Now, stop dreaming—because you can actually find these unicorns in real life. Here are seven things that feel almost as good as PJs that you can wear to work.

1. The Always-Faithful Leggings

The moment leggings became a staple in mainstream fashion, working people everywhere experienced a miracle. Tunics and dresses gained a worthy companion that required little to no planning to assemble. And let’s face it - although tights look great, leggings are much easier to put on when you’re running late.

Leggings aren’t just easy to put on; they’re also comfortable because they stretch to fit your body. Whether your job requires constant movement or hours at a desk, these will be a lifesaver. To make sure your leggings are suitable for work, aim for neutral, solid colors and avoid any patterns that seem out of place among standard office attire. Want the best of both worlds? Try some elastic pull-on skinny legging jeans.

2. Comfort-Waist Jeans Get You Through the Day

Going to work in jeans may sound like a great idea, but by lunchtime, rigid denim can feel a bit binding. When you want a work jean that can last all day with that same elastic, pajama-like feel you love, get a little sneaky and grab some women’s or men’s comfort waist jeans. These pants were designed with long days in mind—and that requires flexible waistlines. Instead of using 100% denim, comfort waist jeans use spandex in the right places to keep you moving freely or sitting comfortably all day long.

3. Stretch Ankle Pants Feel Like a Breeze

The pants-like cousin of leggings, stretch ankle pants offer that legging shape while still technically being pants. This is great for anyone who wants to wear pants that feel more like leggings. Stretch ankle pants satisfy your craving for the smooth, easy fit of a faithful pair of leggings and can complement many tops and accessory combinations. They also come in fun yet professional prints (like plaid) to add a bit of fun and diversity to your work clothing rotation.

4. Sweaters Always Save the Day

A knit top has many things in common with a pajama top. It can be soft, have a relaxed fit, and feel so cozy even after hours of wear. So, it’s no wonder that picking the right sweater will mimic that pajama feeling you look forward to all day. You can have that down-home comfort at work when you start the day in a soft cashmere sweater that feels oh-so-soft on your skin. While you’re at it, indulge in other pillow-like materials, too, like cotton blend knits!

5. Maxi Skirts Feel Like Loungewear… But They’re Perfect for Work

Flowy, easygoing maxi skirts are basically extended versions of your favorite pajama pants, but they pass for work attire. It’s pretty much every woman’s dream come true. They aren’t form-fitting, so they fall lightly on your body, helping you feel comfortable all day. An elastic waistline also provides freedom of movement as you go from desk to meeting and back again.

6. Loafers and Flats: Your Secret Work Slippers

It’d be a travesty not to mention footwear when talking about pajama-like clothing. What is more satisfying than wearing a pair of slippers with your PJs? But when you go to work and want to emulate that cozy feeling, you still need to have footwear that looks professional. So, what can you do when you must leave your trusted pair of fleece slippers at home? Try something comfortable and easy to put on, like a men’s slip-on shoe or a ballet flat. Look for shoes that have foam-cushioned insoles: these are designed to cradle your feet in comfort for that ultimate slipper-like feel.

7. Don’t Forget the Unseen Elements

Another key to feeling like you’re wearing PJs is to be a little sneaky with your underwear. A plush pair of boot socks can create that spa-like sensation that you need to achieve zen during your afternoon meeting. A smooth cotton camisole or set of silky long underwear will add an extra layer of comfort and be your secret comfort factor underneath your work clothes.

Armed with these styling tips, you can go to work feeling like you never left the bed!


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