What to Wear for a Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot

What to Wear for a Pumpkin Patch Photoshoot

It’s that time of year again! The air is steadily becoming crisper by the day, the leaves are changing colors, and there is a smorgasbord of cornfields, pumpkins patches, and countryside beauty boasting acres of gorgeous scenery to appreciate. What better time to coordinate a photoshoot than the fall season? Especially when that photoshoot can take place in a stunning, colorful pumpkin patch? To make your pumpkin patch photoshoot even more special, we have come up with a handful of ideas to coordinate outfits for a memorable family photo.

Color Coordinated Sweaters

Aside from your smiling faces, we dare say the tops you choose will be the highlight of the photo. Colorful sweaters, whether they feature solid colors or prints, can really get you into the fall spirit. We suggest veering away from bright orange sweaters lest you blend in with the hundreds of pumpkins in the photo behind you. Build contrast by opting for slightly darker yet neutral fall colors like red, dark purple, brown, or even mustard yellow. If you are doing a group photo with your family or all of your closest friends, consider having everyone wear the same color in varying shades or different fall colors that nicely complement each other.

Denim Jeans

When you already have a colorful, fall foliage backdrop to work with plus tops in vivid colors like deep red, burnt orange, or soft brown, it’s best to stick to classic, timeless bottoms like blue jeans. Blue straight leg jeans are versatile, designed to be worn any time of year, and will make for a polished outfit for the whole family without stealing the show.

You can choose among a variety of styles, cuts, and washes, be we recommend sticking to the same wash if you are trying to color coordinate family outfits for a photoshoot. For example, if one family member is going to wear dark wash blue jeans, then everyone should stick to dark wash blue jeans. Alternatively, black denim jeans are another worthy consideration, especially if you are aiming to strike a slightly more serious and sophisticated pose in your family photo.


It’s fall after all, and could there possibly be a more appropriate footwear style than boots?! You wouldn’t show up to an autumn family photoshoot in flip flops, slippers, or a pair of sky-high heels, so boots are the safest, most fitting, and most stylish option to choose from. For the girls in the family, opt for ankle boots, duck boots, or longer equestrian-style boots. Both black and brown in various shades make for excellent fall footwear choices. For the guys, any sort of outdoor fall boot in either black or brown will do. If you are aiming for a more formal fall photoshoot, consider tan, dark brown, or black loafers or mules, all of which will go well with black denim or dressier trousers.

The Right Accessories

If you feel like dressing up your fall photoshoot outfits and adding more dimension, consider accessorizing with additional pieces like soft, plaid flannel scarves. To further create dimension, don't dress everyone up in scarves. For example, opt to just have the kids wear cute little scarves or just the parents; alternatively, just the girls in the family could wear scarves while the boys go without (or accessorize with a different piece). Don’t forget about the small accessories too; something as subtle as a nice watch can really add to an outfit and thus the entire photo.

Khakis or Beige Bottoms

If you are not big on the idea of wearing jeans for your pumpkin patch photoshoot, another great alternative is khaki or beige-colored pants. This will make for a slightly more formal, dressier look but will still be a fitting choice for the colorful fall season. Khaki and similar colors are very neutral and will allow you to place all the focus on the tops you decide to wear, your smiling faces, and the scenic backdrop. For the men, pair a zip-up sweater in a nice fall color (think rich browns or dark reds) or a sweater vest over a dress shirt with khaki pants. For women, pair long open cardigans or cashmere sweaters with beige linen pants or corduroy leggings.

Plaid Flannels

You would be hard-pressed to find something more quintessentially autumn-esque than a plaid flannel, and for this reason, plaid flannel shirts make for great pumpkin patch photoshoot attire. If you want to maintain a casual look, dress everyone up in blue jeans and a plaid flannel of their choosing. Finish the look with boots, and you will have achieved a fall-themed family portrait for the ages.

With these outfit ideas, you can create a stunning family photo ideal for holiday cards and updated pictures around your home. Use these styling tips on their own or combine them with other ideas you had in mind.


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