Ways to Wear a Dress in Spring

Ways to Wear a Dress in Spring

Spring is a wonderful season, full of life and color. While winter is full of darker colors and hard contrasts, spring is softer and lighter. That is reflected in the colors choices for spring wear and the styles that characterize the season. Dresses in spring just seem to fit the breezy, flowery attitude perfectly. Here are some ideas for how to wear those spring dresses that have been waiting all winter to burst out of your wardrobe.

Sweater Dress

This is a dress for those colder days when spring and winter haven't quite decided who is in charge. It's not quite cold enough to break out the snow gear but not quite warm enough to go full spring. So, you end up with a bit of an autumn vibe but with different colors.

A sweater dress in a lighter cream works well as a spring dress. The sleeker fits will be a little warmer since there is less space for airflow, but the looser cuts will be a little more spring-like. If you are too cold, add a beanie in the same neutral color palette or a patterned scarf for a visual pop. Other additions include a brown waist belt, especially if your sweater dress isn't cut to give you the silhouette you want.

Boots of any kind are a must with this combo, with taller boots being ideal. Spring is a season of softer colors, so brown is the best boot color for this outfit. If your dress feels a little short, or the chill is still getting to you, a pair of tights is a wise addition. Unless you have the right pair of spring tights and want to draw attention to your legs, stick with dark brown, gray, or maybe navy. Put it all together, and you have a spring dress that will keep you comfortable even if the season hasn't quite caught up with the calendar.

Fit and Flare Dress

These dresses are usually nipped in at the waist with a flare at the hips. If you get one that fits you well, it can give you a lovely silhouette with zero effort. Plus, they usually spread when you spin and ripple in the breeze, so that's a delightful benefit. All of these aspects added together make the fit-and-flare dress a great spring wardrobe staple. These dresses look lovely in different colors or with floral patterns, so feel free to choose something that catches your eye. Remember, spring colors are a little softer, and lighter colors work well with this season, too. Think green new life and flowers in bloom, and you are on the right track.

It might still get a little chilly, so layering this dress with a blazer or a light cardigan can be a smart move. It also makes this dress work-ready in a pinch, so it's a smart option if you don't have time between the end of a workday and your evening date. Heels keep things fancy, while sandals are great shoes if you want a more casual look. With that, enjoy your perfectly-spring look!

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are light, long, and usually have gorgeous patterns or bold colors. The material tends to be stretchy and feels great on your skin. Maxi dresses are typically associated with summer wear, but you can definitely break them out on a warm spring day. Choose a dress that reaches around your ankle and is comfortable enough for you to feel good all day. A lighter pastel color is great for spring. A fun floral pattern is also a cute choice that will keep you in line with the season.

To complete this outfit, sandals are the best choice for footwear. Strappy sandals seem to pair best as opposed to Birkenstocks, but let your own fashion sense lead you. Layer it with a denim jacket and a long bohemian necklace, and you have nailed this look!

Shirt Dress

These dresses are visually interesting, featuring an intriguing combination of formal and informal with collars and button sleeves but no pants. Of course, these dresses are long enough to be modest, and the tie at the waist gives you such a silhouette that it's clear this piece is more a dress than a shirt. Lightweight and usually in colors that work for spring, these dresses are cute enough to catch the eye while being comfortable to wear.

Flats work well with the shirt dress, keeping with the theme of comfort and simple elegance while also being a clearly-deliberate combination that you can wear out and about. This dress is versatile, so sandals and heels can also match well, depending on where you are going.

Now that you have some ideas for dresses, colors, and outfits, put your own spin on the designs. Spring is the season of life, so choose outfits that make you feel alive and full of joy! Grow forth!


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