5 Ways to Use Scarves as the Perfect Summer Accessory

5 Ways to Use Scarves as the Perfect Summer Accessory

Looking for a way to spice up your summer outfits? Try wearing or using a scarf! Scarves can lend a colorful embellishment to your favorite summer outfits, no matter where you tie them. Plus, you have plenty of scarves to choose from for accessorizing, from solid neutral scarves to bold patterns. Summer scarves are lighter and airy than winter scarves , which are meant to keep you warm and cozy. Before we get into how to use scarves, let’s talk about your options.

Cotton Scarves

Cotton scarves are comfortable and breathable—just what to expect out of this type of fabric. They’re perfect for summer’s heat. Plus, they’re more affordable than, let’s say, silk scarves. Another bonus about cotton scarves is that people with sensitive skin can still enjoy wearing this accessory.

Silk Scarves

These scarves are more luxurious than cotton, meaning they’re pricier, too. However, the cost is worth it since these scarves can kick your summer outfits up a notch. Many people also wrap their hair in silk scarves at nighttime or use a silk pillowcase to take advantage of silk’s other benefits, such as keeping hair silky and skin looking younger.

Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon scarves are also considered luxurious and can be made from various fabrics, such as polyester or cotton. These scarves can drape effortlessly over your outfits for an elegant accent without extra bulk since they’re lightweight.

Embellished Scarves

Plenty of scarves feature embellishments, such as embroidery or beading. Whether you’re picking out something to wear for a casual or formal event, embellished scarves can jazz up all your summer outfits.


Bandanas are popular square scarves usually worn around the head. However, they can also be tied on handbags or around your hand. Also, bandanas have moved beyond streetwear and can be worn with dressier outfits.

Twilly Scarves

A twilly scarf is a long, narrow scarf, usually made of silk. You can wear this accessory on your head or neck, around your neck, or on your canvas tote.


Sarongs are usually worn at the beach or resort over swimsuits. They’re typically large and can be styled in multiple ways, such as a skirt or kimono. Sarongs are fun to style and lend an extra stylish element to your swim looks.

There are other types of scarves out there, but the ones mentioned are among the most popular—especially for summer. These are five ways you can wear or use your scarves:

Around Your Neck

Tying a scarf around your neck is a chic way to elevate your summer outfit, whether you’re wearing a tank top with skinny jeans or a maxi dress. How you tie the scarf is up to you. You can leave the excess fabric hanging at the front or side. You could create knotted designs or model your scarf after a necktie. No matter what, a scarf tied around your neck can act as an adornment to your overall ensemble.

On the Head

Bandanas aren’t the only scarves you can wear over your head. You can tie other types of scarves that are big enough around your head, too, such as long silky scarves. You could also create a headband out of your scarf or tie a knot at the top. For a vintage look, wrap a chiffon scarf around your head and match it with cat-eye sunglasses.

On Your Hand

Swap out your bracelet or watch with a stylish scarf tied around your wrist. Or you could wear a scarf with multiple bracelets and bangles for a chic layered look. There are so many creative ways you can style a scarf around your wrist, such as using huge knots or rings. Twilly scarves are especially great for tying around your wrist due to how narrow they are.

Around Your Waist

Some scarves are large enough to wear as swim beach cover-ups around your swim bottom, such as sarongs. You can style it as a long or short wrap skirt with a slit to show some skin. Sarongs add a stylish element to swim outfits.

On Your Bag

If you want to dress up your handbag, consider using a scarf. Whether your handbag is luxe, solid, or patterned, scarves are a playful way to switch things up from time to time. You could wrap a scarf around a handle. You could even create a bow out of a scarf.

Scarves are a playful way to kick your summer up a notch. Scarves are wonderful because you can match them with women’s T-shirts, swimsuits, and work dresses. Look for scarves with the designs you love the most, such as tie-dye, a floral print, a plaid pattern, and more. You could also opt for a solid scarf that complements your outfit’s color palette. Many high fashion designers provide stylish scarves that lend a touch of luxury to your ensembles.

In addition to scarves, complete your look with other accessories fit for the summer, such as designer sunglasses, a chain belt, a wide-brim hat, or a baseball cap. Wear chic sandals that’ll let you show off your summer-ready pedicure. You’ll be all set to conquer summer with a standout style that is trendy yet all your own.


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