6 Ways to Style T-Shirt Dresses

6 Ways to Style T-Shirt Dresses

When it comes to women’s dresses, the T-shirt dress is one of our favorites. It’s the comfiest of all dresses while looking cute to boot. Let’s look at some ways to style T-shirt dresses.

T-Shirt Dress With Sneakers

Don’t you just love a dress that is made to wear with sneakers? This casual option will give you all the comfort and style you crave. Pick out your favorite T-shirt dress, and then pair it with any sneaker, from a classic pair in white to a one that matches your dress or even a contrasting color to accent your shoes. Sneakers and dresses are all the rage these days. You can even find brides wearing sneakers with formal bridal gowns.

Whether you are out running errands, going to lunch or a casual dinner, or working in a casual office, you will look cute and pulled together in this combination.

T-Shirt Dress With Sandals

Oh, summer sandals! How we wish for you in winter (at least in Wisconsin, we do). Once the weather is right, pull that T-shirt dress out of your closet and pair it with your prettiest sandals. For a classic look, go for black or metallic sandals. For a little more fun, match your sandals to your dress or make them a fun accent color. Sandals have so many possibilities, from strappy sandals to embellished sandals to plain pastels or even their cousin, the mule. Keeping the heel flat to low will probably work best with the casual vibe of a T-shirt dress (and be comfier anyway!).

T-Shirt Dress With Flats

For a classic (and comfy!) look that will take you almost anywhere, pair your T-shirt with a skirt and black or colored flats. If you work in a business-casual office, this may be one of the comfiest combinations possible to wear to work. The classic closed-toe flats will give your T-shirt dress a more finished and conservative look while being almost as comfy as going barefoot. And all the while, you will enjoy the everyday ease of an easy-breezy T-shirt dress that moves with you.

Another option for dressing up (and warming up) this combination is a cotton cardigan sweater. Either in a neutral color, like white or black, or in a fun pastel or bright color, a cardigan can increase both the coziness and cuteness of your outfit. Cotton cardigans are versatile because they can act as blazers to dress up your ensemble while also being delightfully soft and breathable. For cooler weather, consider a women’s cardigan sweater in a synthetic or wool to pair with your T-shirt dress.

T-Shirt Dress Belted

A belt can dress up (and style up!) your T-shirt dress. Play with this idea. You can wear a T-shirt dress belted with a sash, a fabric belt, or a leather belt. You can also belt your dress at the waist or at the hip. Belting at the waist looks a bit more conservative, so if you are thinking of a casual outfit for the office, this is a good option. Belting at the hip would probably be better for an evening out.

T-Shirt Dress Layered With Leggings

No warm weather? No problem! If you like the idea of wearing your T-shirt dress when the weather is a bit chilly (or in air conditioning), consider adding a pair of leggings. Black or white leggings are a great look with almost any T-shirt dress (and make bending over that much easier if you like short T-shirt dresses). Some women like to wear this outfit to a business-casual office and refer to them as “work pajamas” because they are so comfortable.

If you opt for black leggings, make sure that they don’t look too wintery with your dress. To do this, note both the actual weight of the garments and how light or heavy they look. You will want both the dress and the leggings to be more medium weight if you wear black. If you wear a lightweight T-shirt dress with heavier-looking black leggings, they are likely to clash. For a lightweight T-shirt dress, either white leggings or light-colored leggings that coordinate with the dress can be a nice idea. You will usually look more pulled together if your shoes either match the hem of your outfit or are darker than it.

T-Shirt Dress as a Beach Cover-Up

Who says a beach cover-up needs to be a “cover-up”? A T-shirt dress can make a fabulous beach cover-up. It can take you to the beach or pool as well as on any errands or out to lunch or dinner afterward. You can even roll up your favorite T-shirt dress and stash it in your beach bag if you think you might need a quick change after swimming and lounging in the sun.

Have fun styling your T-shirt dresses!


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