Ways to Style a Men's Polo Shirt

Ways to Style a Men's Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one of the most stylish options out there while also being one of your safest wardrobe bets. They are decidedly dressier than any T-shirt, yet a bit more casual than a button-down, making them a true champion of versatility. Let’s look at how to style a men’s polo shirt.

Dress Pants

If you want to dress up your polo shirt, pair it with men’s dress pants. Black pants are always a great choice, but grey works well, too—especially for spring and summer. This can be a comfy way to go business casual at work while making sure that you don’t slide into the too casual category. Always keep your corporate culture in mind when interpreting what “business casual” means. In some companies, this can be jeans and a neat T-shirt. In more conservative companies or in client-facing roles, you may need to wear a suit but can skip the tie.


A polo shirt with men’s chinos is a classic look for several reasons. It’s the perfect neat but casual spring or summer ensemble that will take you many places that more casual clothing won’t, and when it comes to comfy? It is next to impossible to find a polished outfit that is comfier.

This is a great vacation ensemble, especially if you aren’t positive about what is considered appropriate attire. You can wear this pair anywhere that includes the word “casual” and walk in feeling both comfortable and confident. The simple details of a collar and finished sleeves move you out of casual T-shirts and shorts and into neatly dressed and ready for anything casual.


A men’s polo shirt will dress up your favorite jeans (and maybe even make them okay for the office). Dark wash jeans are a great choice with a polo shirt as they are inherently dressier than lighter wash styles. Distressed jeans are likely to look out of place with the “buttoned-up” style of a polo shirt. If you like distressed jeans, pair them with an iconic white T-shirt and white sneakers for a great look (and don’t wear them to work).


A polo shirt with men’s shorts is a cool and comfy choice that you will want to have available whenever the weather is warm. This breathable combination will keep you comfortable all day long while looking crisp and put together. For a classic combination, add a men’s belt and deck shoes, but keep in mind that the right tennis shoes can give you much more support for either sports or simply a nice walk.

As a rule, match your belt to your shoes. This is especially true if you are wearing a nice pair of loafers. The exception to this, of course, is when you opt for your favorite sneakers. In that case, just wear a belt in a neutral color—one that will help you to look more put together than if you skipped a belt altogether, yet one that doesn’t draw attention to itself or away from your polo shirt.


The right accessories can make all the difference (and fun!) when it comes to wardrobe planning. Choose a pair of cool shades, your favorite watch, or a backpack to stash your stuff and see the instant upgrade.

The right sunglasses can take you from a guy who is squinting to one who is protected from the sun and oh so cool looking. If it’s been a while since you have owned a pair of sunglasses that makes you feel great, it’s time to go shopping. When looking for shades, consider both safety and style. Stick to a pair that will give you the UV protection that you want while looking slick at the same time. Don’t rush sunglass shopping. Even if you’re not really a “shopping guy,” schedule a little time and try on different pairs in front of a mirror when you aren’t rushed, hungry, or tired. Chances are you will spot a few candidates that give you just the right look. When you find a pair that you are considering, keep the shape of the frames in mind as this is a flattering look for you. Unless you prefer to have several pairs of shades, stick with a neutral like black or tortoiseshell for the frames to keep them versatile.

When thinking of accessories, don’t overlook the versatility of a backpack. Once only for school kids, the backpack has moved into the office as a great way to transport a laptop and is just a great all-around bag. Black or another neutral color are great choices if you will be using it for work or as a day-to-day bag, but feel free to go all out with fun colors if you will be using it for travel or just enjoy a casual vibe.

Enjoy the versatility of a great-looking polo shirt today!


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