5 Ways to Style a Shacket

5 Ways to Style a Shacket

Shackets are all the rage. These hybrid “sweater jackets” are cute, comfy, and the perfect transitional garment for those days between seasons. Whether it's winter into spring or fall into winter, you and your wardrobe can benefit from a cozy shacket. Let’s look at some fun ways to style one.

Casual Top and Jeans with Boots

The easiest way to style a shacket is to match it with a casual top, your favorite women’s jeans, and a pair of boots for a comfy outfit that can take you from a warm day into a cooler evening or protect you if the temperature drops unexpectedly. If you have a plaid shacket or one with a significant amount of color, a great option to pair it with is a white women’s long-sleeve T-shirt. Shackets are a great option for all kinds of outside activities including spectator sports. You never know when an extra layer will be just right.

T-Shirt, Skirt, and Sneakers

For a fun look, pair your shacket with a cute women’s skirt, a women’s T-shirt, and your favorite sneakers. Why did it take us so long to start wearing sneakers with skirts, anyway? They are cute and oh so comfortable. And if you have comfy shoes to pair with them, you are more likely to wear those casual skirts in your closet.

This look is perfect for a weekend getaway, too. It can take you from shopping to restaurants to museums or sporting events—all with individual pieces that will work with whatever else you choose to wear that weekend.

Flare Pants and a Neutral Shacket

Pairing pants and a shacket typically starts with casual pants since shackets are inherently casual as they are the ultimate in comfy, oversized outerwear. For a fun twist, pick a pair of flare pants (once known as bell-bottoms to many of us but with a narrower angle) to go with your shacket. If you go for this option, a neutral shacket is best. The flare pants will give your ensemble that “extra” look that you want and the neutral color of the shacket will balance it out. Wearing a colorful shacket with flare pants is a little like combining different patterns in the same ensemble. It's certainly possible but tricky to pull off without clashing or creating an overly decorated look that seems out of place with the wonderfully big, comfy look of your shacket.

Shacket and a T-Shirt Dress

This is another fun one! Why not pair a shacket with your favorite jersey dress in a T-shirt dress style? This is the ultimate comfort outfit. T-shirt dresses are almost as comfortable as wearing pajamas, and a shacket is, too. Add a pair of sneakers or flats and you have the combination for a stylish outfit that can take on a variety of weather shifts.

On a spring day, this can give you the boost of wearing a fun dress while keeping you cozy in case your spring fever is just a bit ahead of the calendar. In areas like the Midwest, it’s just smart to always have a cozy jacket handy. Why not make it a cute shacket instead?

Play with Prints

Shackets come in all different looks from solid neutrals that go with everything to tartan plaids to fun florals. Why not play with the print in your shacket (or your outfit) by pairing them together in fun ways? Plaid is the great cozy classic for fall to winter while a lovely solid shacket will top off that floral or striped casual dress in the spring.

If you want to combine two or more prints, do so carefully. You can pair simple stripes with florals easily without having them “compete” for visual attention, but two different plaids are extremely difficult to pull off without looking silly. Styling plaid clothing is like decorating with holiday lights. The right amount in the right color can be beautiful and striking—too many or combining the wrong ones will not create the effect you desire.

When in doubt, stick with one pattern and then pick up the neutral color from that pattern in your solid pieces. For example, if you wear a plaid shacket that has black in it, wear black pants and a neutral top. If you have a fun floral shacket, pair it with a solid-colored casual dress that “anchors” the outfit or with neutral individual pieces. Neutral-colored shoes that are as dark or darker than the hem of your pants or skirt are always a nice choice to frame your outfit.

A shacket is one of the coziest and most versatile garments you can add to your wardrobe. Whether you have a capsule wardrobe or closets full of clothes, you will be glad you added a shacket to your collection.


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