6 Ways to Layer Your Most Comfy Leggings

6 Ways to Layer Your Most Comfy Leggings

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but maybe whoever said that never had a pair of leggings that fit perfectly. We can’t know for sure, but we’re pretty convinced there are few things better in life than slipping into your most comfy leggings. The day's stress melts away along with the memory of uncomfortable zippers, buttons, and belts. The joy of a comfy outfit is second to none.

You may love your leggings, but you may be wondering how you can layer them to get the most out of that oh-so-soft pair of pants. Whether you’re on the move or the couch, your comfy leggings are an essential part of your wardrobe. That’s why we’ve put together six new ways to layer your comfortable leggings that are so stylish; you’ll never have to take them off.

Go Casual with an Oversized Jean Jacket

This one is our go-to for the ultimate casual-cool weekend look. The key to pulling this off is finding a great t-shirt with just the right amount of boxiness to complement your high-waisted leggings. Then, layer on an oversized jean jacket. With this look, the bigger, the better! You’ll feel extra cozy, and you’ll be paying homage to one of the popular style eras of the moment, the ’90s. Then, when you pair the look with high-top sneakers, you’ll look and feel great as you hustle between errands like grocery shopping, dog walking, and tee-ball games.

If it’s warm, you can tie the jean jacket around your waist, and if it’s cool, you can drape it over your shoulders. If there is a bit of a breeze in the air? Add a scarf that complements the sporty look.

Stay Cozy with a Cashmere Duster and Wool Socks

When you want to stay cozy in your comfiest leggings, just add a great cashmere duster and your favorite wool socks. Slide your feet into your slippers and reach a new level of zen. If you want to take this look for a spin around the neighborhood, just add suede booties and a chunky belt. Of course, this look begs for a good book and soothing music. Somewhere, a roaring fire and a steaming cup of hot cocoa are calling your name. There may even be a decanted glass of red wine set aside for you.

Get Zen with a Slouchy Sweatshirt and Leg Warmers

The next time you plan to throw your yoga mat over your shoulder and head to the studio, don’t forget your comfy leggings! To help you namaste as relaxed as possible as you’re doing downward dogs and warrior poses, pair the leggings with a slouchy women’s sweatshirt and leg warmers. The leg warmers will keep your feet free, so you can balance during tree pose yet stay toasty as your body temperature lowers during savasana.

Go Western with a Flannel Tunic and Riding Boots

Have you been bingeing everyone’s favorite Western primetime show or considering getting back in the saddle (quite literally)? Take your comfy leggings along for the ride! Snuggle into a flannel tunic, pull on your favorite leather riding boots, and pay homage to cowboys and cowgirls with your Western ensemble. If you need to keep the sun out of your eyes or just want to have a little fun, add a wide-brimmed fedora or cowboy hat.

Get Active with a Down Vest and Running Shorts

Looking to get those legs moving? Just layer your comfy leggings under your favorite running shorts! This style is great for days when you’re on the go, from marathon training to afternoon cycling to playground supervision. If it’s chilly, you can throw on a lightweight down vest to help you retain your body heat even when the weather is starting to turn. Don’t forget to stretch before you go and hydrate when you get home!

Hit the Town in a Skirt and Heels

Going out tonight? Say goodbye to goosebumps when you layer your look with comfy leggings. If you’ve been lounging in them all day, there’s no need to take them off — just reinvent those leggings with a perfectly layered ensemble. First, grab your favorite mini or midi skirt. Next, opt for something suede or corduroy to contrast materials with your stretchy leggings. Then, top it off with a lacy shirt and a pair of heels. You’ll stay comfortable and warm all night long, whether you’re grabbing drinks with friends or standing in line for the latest restaurant or cocktail bar.

Are you brimming with layering ideas for your comfy leggings? You’ve got so many options for ways to style these wardrobe essentials, you may have a hard time convincing yourself to ever take them off (and we wouldn’t dream of asking). Now, it’s time to make some plans so you can take these outfits for a test run. Check your calendar and get out there (or stay in!) and enjoy yourself.


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